Samsung to kill its DeX app for Mac next year


One of the cool things about using a Samsung phone is that the company has an accompanying computer app called DeX. This essentially links your phone up to your computer and turns it into a virtual Android device, so you get to do things from your phone on your computer.

Unfortunately for Samsung users who happen to work primarily from a Mac, the company has announced that they will be dropping support for the DeX app in 2022. This means that come next year, Samsung Mac users won’t be able to connect their devices to their Macs and turn it into an Android computer.

Keep in mind that this also applies to Windows 7 devices, but presumably that’s more of a support thing since Windows 7 is kind of old. Samsung does not state why they’re dropping support, but it’s safe to assume that maybe adoption isn’t quite where Samsung wants it to be.

In a way it’s not surprising. After all, a lot of mobile apps already have desktop counterparts. Need to check your email? There are desktop and web apps for that. Chat apps like WhatsApp also have desktop equivalents, and if you’re going to be using Discord or Slack, the desktop versions are much better optimized, which leaves little reason for users to use DeX on their computers.

We’re not sure if the Windows version will eventually go the way of the Mac version, but for now, Windows users are safe.

Source: Cult of Mac

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