The State of Blockchain Gaming on Mobile


Times are changing, and consumer behaviors are right along with them. Less than a decade ago, cryptocurrency was merely a buzzword, and now the industry is working towards mainstream adoption. Online gambling is one area where consumers are embracing blockchain transactions, making it necessary to make the payment options more accessible than before. The question of whether crypto casino games are available on mobile is growing increasingly common as currency holders grow keen on leveraging the power of this technology.

Mobile technology guarantees convenience, which is why it’s an effective way to increase accessibility to new concepts. Over the years, mobile device use has increased exponentially. More than 90% of internet users are on handheld devices. So, it’s not surprising that operators want to give players the option of gambling on mobile. Thanks to advanced mobile technology, today’s users can do almost anything on their devices, including paying with Bitcoin and other altcoins. Of course, the concern is how suitable it would be to gamble with digital currencies on casino apps. What performance can you expect? How do you find the best device? What payment options are available on mobile? This article seeks to address these concerns and other elements of mobile crypto gaming.

Is Crypto Gaming on Mobile Possible?

Bitcoin, and crypto games in general, were limited to PC a few years ago. However, both crypto and mobile technologies have grown at such a dramatic pace that it is imperative for the two industries to collaborate. Presently, the incorporation of blockchain into mobile app development is still in its infancy. For those new to crypto, a blockchain is a distributed network that records every transaction on independent nodes. The ledger doesn’t require a central server or trusted authority to process transactions. 

Besides cryptocurrency, the system can record almost anything of value. One reason blockchain technology is difficult to integrate into mobile devices is due to storage constraints. The chain that verifies transactions is highly resource-intensive. For example, the Bitcoin blockchain had surpassed 330 GB as of March 2021. Therefore, the current smartphones and tablets lack the capacity to accommodate the memory demands of cryptocurrency transactions.

Even though blockchain is not built into handheld devices yet, it’s still possible to gamble on mobile crypto casinos. Virtually every gambling website is mobile responsive, meaning that players can access blockchain games on their smartphones and networks. One way is through instant play, where casino games are available directly on mobile browsers in HTML5 format.

The other is on casino apps. Some operators have dedicated applications offering a variety of crypto games. Gamblers can deposit and withdraw using digital currencies on either of these platforms. Whatever the choice, ensure that you find a reliable website. For instance, if you want to gamble with Ether, get an Ethereum Casino reviewed and rated first before using it. The cryptocurrencies available vary from one mobile site to the next. So, it’s a matter of preference.

The Right Device for Crypto Gaming

Despite the ready availability of mobile casinos, not all devices are suitable for gambling. For the best experience, ensure that you are using a powerful smartphone or tablet that won’t cause trouble in the middle of your blackjack game. So, what features make a good handset for crypto gaming?

The CPU is one of the most critical factors. It determines the performance of casino apps and websites. If you intend to play resource-intensive crypto games, especially live options, make certain that your device can handle it. Processors have come a long way, and now you can find smartphones and tablets that have the power of mini-computers. Some of the features that dictate the strength of a processor are core frequencies, the number of cores and semiconductor technology. A device’s make and model typically determine the type of processor it carries. Apple devices have some of the most powerful CPUs.

Memory is another aspect that you should take for granted. When gambling on a casino app, your device must have enough storage for the application and everything else you need after that. A single casino app can take up to 2 GB. Modern smartphones come with an internal memory of anything from 8 GB to 512 GB. For a user who sticks to the basics, a minimum of 32 GB is sufficient. Limited storage will cause your device to lag, thus, interfering with your gaming.

The smartphone or tablet that you intend to use for your crypto gaming should have robust security. The current market does an excellent job with mobile security, but, of course, the measures vary from one manufacturer to another. Handheld devices have inbuilt security systems, such as fingerprint scanners, facial recognition and passwords. Developers also include firmware to safeguard operating systems against cyberattacks. The stronger the security, the safer your online gambling is. If you intend to have a mobile crypto wallet, then don’t compromise on safety.

What about Crypto Smartphones?

Since 2019, there have been speculations regarding the creation of crypto-based handsets. The idea is to have smartphones with inbuilt storage for digital coin private keys. With these devices, users will access the blockchain and related technologies, including decentralized applications (dapps). Samsung and HTC are some of the phone manufacturers heralding this journey. Crypto smartphones would enable gamblers to play blockchain games without the need for third-party exchanges.

Crypto-focused handheld devices would increase accessibility to virtual currencies. They would make it less complicated for consumers to use digital coins, which is one of the biggest obstacles to adaption. At the moment, though, the concept of a decentralized web remains just that, a concept.

As the world waits to see what the mobile and cryptocurrency industries do together in the future, gamblers can take advantage of the available options. Bitcoin or crypto casino games are accessible on millions of mobile devices. Whether you prefer playing on native iOS apps or optimized sites, you can easily gamble with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or whatever digital coin suits your needs. 


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