Technology And Healthcare: 4 Interesting Products Used To Treat Wounds


Any wound, be it a small scratch or a wide gash, always needs medical treatment before it can be allowed to heal naturally. The treatment may seem difficult at first glance, but it is a simple 4-step procedure. The bleeding should be stopped, and the cut must be cleaned from the inside out. Smear an antibiotic over the wound to kill any existing bacteria and to avoid any further accumulation. Finally, you should cover the open cut with a bandage or gauze. The following 4 wound treatment products will not only simplify the process further still but will also make things interesting.

Wacky Bandages

Just because you are wounded doesn’t mean you should stay in a somber, distressing atmosphere. Enliven your spirits by covering your wound with a few wacky bandages instead of the regular, dull-white bands. Bandages come in various forms and designs these days. They are carved in the shape of lips for boo-boo kisses, action figures, unique designs, and so much more. You can even order a custom-made design if you want. Let your inner child out in the open as you try to heal your wound.

Sophisticated Chest Seals

Since chest wounds are usually dire and sometimes fatal, you might think that chest seals must be really complicated to apply. Apart from a direct dressing, it should also ensure appropriate ventilation for continuous airflow. However, the diverse team of leaders and contributors at sam chest seals insist on their ease of application. The modern, compact seals available in the market come with an affixed ventilation valve, so you only need to tear off the cover and apply it to the wound, ensuring that it’s secure.

Designed Medical Tapes

Want to show your support for your favorite sports team while simultaneously keeping your dressing in place? Consider using a custom-designed medical tape. Medical tapes are usually plain white, absolutely bland, and dull to look at. Change the trend. Strap something colorful on your dressing instead. However, don’t compromise on its features like waterproofing and adhesive foam.

Suture Training Pads

Is it your first time cleaning and dressing a wound? Stopping the flow of blood, cleaning the cut, applying the antibiotic, and dressing the wound may often be successfully accomplished by a novice on the first try. However, suturing the wound and removing the threads later needs a practiced hand, and that is where a training pad comes into the picture. It is a simple pad with various kinds of cuts and gashes (deep and shallow) on its surface. Its material generally mimics the skin and tissue, so that you can gain first-hand experience in suturing wounds.

Treating wounds doesn’t always have to be overly serious and unbearably monotonous. Yes, it requires a keen eye and a stable hand, not to mention a unique set of skills and absolute concentration on the task at hand. However, it can be quite fun and interesting for both the surgical specialist and the patient. Revamp your surroundings and treatment with the aforementioned products and bring joy to the weary and the wounded. A smile here and laugh there greatly aids in the healing process after all.

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