10 Best Free Ways to Run a Reverse Email Lookup Online


Sometimes, unsolicited emails in your mailbox make you curious about the sender and his intentions. For this purpose, you can quickly check the sender’s background by using a free reverse email lookup service. This service can provide you with information like owner details, phone number details, social networking, etc. 

Among all the available email lookup services, we have developed the 10 best email lookup services that can help you do a better Gmail lookup. Whereas the three best reverse email lookup services are stated as:

1. SearchPeopleFree

Sometimes, it becomes essential to know the real identity, which is continuously sending you anonymous emails. SearchPeopleFree provides you with the best reverse email search services to make your search for an individual easy. It is one of the superlative lookup applications used by more than 1 million people from over 195 countries. 

SearchPeopleFree helps you do a free reverse email lookup of a targeted person using a different range of email checks like email address, phone number, or name. The information that you can extract by using this service is the full name, address, phone number, educational institutes, employment, and background history of the targeted person.

The detailed information provided by SearchPeopleFree in the email lookup report is all authentic and up to date without any wrong or made-up information. The users do not need to download any software to do an email lookup on someone, they can use the SearchPeopleFree website.  

The advantage of SearchPeopleFree is its credibility which means it provides you with entire legit information having all the major and minor details. Furthermore, if a user faces any issues regarding the tool, then customer service is always available. Its disadvantage is the long search period due to the massive database.

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2. Instant Checkmate 

Unlike other free email search services, Instant Checkmate is easily accessible on all kinds of devices. According to the users, it is the most accurate and affordable email lookup service out there. Whenever you do an email lookup on this platform, it will use the provided information to check. If the information is available in the database somewhere, it will probably find it.

Instant Checkmate provides you with the owner’s full name, current address, social media profiles, phone numbers, landlines, and images on every reverse email search. Moreover, on every subscription option, you choose in Instant Checkmate, you can get unlimited reports. You can either get a monthly subscription or a quarterly plan to do an email search.

Apart from free email lookup services, it provides the users with services like reverse phone lookup, background checks, and other searches to provide them with the required data.

The strengths of Instant Checkmate include authentic and accurate data that can further be verified to confirm the accuracy rate. It also has a wide range of search opportunities due to its large database. The weakness of Instant Checkmate involves its only subscription option, so users can’t get a single report option.

Instant Checkmate Review: Making Search Easier with Extensive Lookup

3. PeopleFinders 

According to its name, PeopleFinders is a well-known email lookup service that is in the business of finding people. You can always count on PeopleFinders as it provides the users with the most accurate results. The platform of PeopleFinder uses more than 43 billion public records to find accurate information and then issue a large report that contains the required information.

PeopleFinders works for you to find out the unknown person’s identity and know his purpose for contacting you. This service also can access criminal records databases so that you can find any court records other than free email search.

To do a reverse email lookup, this platform checks the quality of the email address, tests the authenticity of the email address, and confirms email domain quality and type. The information you can get using PeopleFinders includes the name, location, or whether the email was legal or not.

The positives of PeopleFinders are that it is simple and easy to use, which means every user can use the service without any difficulties. It provides both personal and business information to the user. PeopleFinders doesn’t cover social media, and it counts as its negatives.

4. Whitepages 

Whitepages is the oldest reverse email search tool and still counts as the best email lookup tool. It comes up with the most authentic, accurate, and reliable information regarding the targeted person. The users of WhitePages make approximately 35 million searches every month. It also contains information like criminal and educational records in the resultant report.

The services of Whitepages have been reviewed by many new outlets that involve USA Today, New York Times, Forbes, and NBC. This service hosts a big database of email addresses of Americans, which is considered the most valuable directory available. You can also access the criminal records of an individual using Whitepages, considered a fraud prevention service.

The working of Whitepages includes the connectivity of the email addresses with the public records available in the accessible databases. Moreover, the advanced services of Whitepages are responsible for the maintenance of individual data sources.

The opportunities of Whitepages include its quick service over providing large amounts of data in the form of reports. The retrieved information is always accurate and reliable in all ways. 

5. TruthFinder

TruthFinder offers a versatile service of reverse email lookup, and it also offers a wide range of different background checks to its users. If you want to check on a person’s background, then using TurthFinder is a good way to provide maximum related information over minimal data. This way, you can easily explore all the matches to get the required information.

This free reverse email lookup service is better than the other free reverse email lookup services as it extracts the information through social media, public and private databases. This helps TruthFinder’s free email lookup service an extra edge.

The massive databases of TruthFinder are connected with criminal record checks, social media accounts, and other available data about every individual. This allows users to search anonymously, and the privacy policy for the searches made by the users is taken quite seriously by the company.

The pros of TruthFinder cover its impressive search functions that make the interface quite understandable for every kind of user. Unlike other email address lookup service platforms, the interface of TruthFinder makes it more appealing. One of the cons of TruthFinder is that some of its reverse Gmail lookup competitors are more affordable.

6. CocoFinder 

CocoFinder offers you detailed information like name, images, phone number, location, and much more using a single email address like other email lookup free tools. The only essential step is to provide the email address in the required field. CocoFinder is reviewed globally by large brands like TechRadar, PCWorld, TechTimes, etc.

CocoFinder provides genuine information in the whole report without any made-up and wrong information. This way, it provides authentic information to its users through the most reliable sources. This tool also displays the known aliases of the searched individual.

The strengths of CocoFinder involve that it provides the user with the most accurate and in-depth information he was looking for. Unlike many free email lookup services, CocoFinder has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use for every kind of user. The weakness of CocoFinder is its search time that is quite long compared to other email lookup Gmail sites.

7. Hunter.io

Hunter.io is the most powerful and well-known software that is used for email finding. It also contains email verifier tools, email finder, domain search, and author finder. Hunter’s tools have their working procedure and role in finding a person’s whole background using an email.

This free email search platform believes in transparency as they have valuable data and sources that can be used while doing a reverse email search using transparent methods. This way, you can use Hunter to know about people using their email addresses in a fraction of a second.

Like other email search services, Hunter has its positives and negatives. The positives are that the software assures about 95 percent email results of the verified email addresses. Moreover, it offers a free plan for email lookup service with 150 credits per month. The negatives include that it has no verified source to check the leads.

8. TruePeopleSearch

TruePeopleSearch is a well-known free email search engine that provides users free searches and authentic information retrieval services. Using this service, you can do a quick and free email lookup to get an in-depth report containing all the detailed information. TruePeopleSearch offers no privacy to the users, and the searches are visible to everyone.

With the help of TruePeopleSearch, users can identify phishing emails, fake names, or fake social media accounts. You can get detailed information about someone like contact number, location, name, social media profiles, images, and addresses.

TruePeopleSearch offers some opportunities that involve a quick response on every search and authentic and detailed report having useful information. It also offers email address lookup services without any need for signing in to an account. Whereas the unresponsive customer service of TruePeopleSearch is a big obstacle.

9. Spokeo

Spokeo is one of the other best free reverse email lookup tools used to do a free email search on an individual. All lookup services provided by this platform offer the most accurate and authentic results to the users. The accurate data provided by Spokeo is confirmed from above 60 sources that make its results more reliable.

The free search option provided by Spokeo is helpful if you only need basic information about someone. To do a detailed search on an individual, the user should sign up for the account and pay the demanded fee amount. Moreover, an individual search made on Spokeo will charge users 95 cents to unlock the available data.

Spokeo has its advantages like it provides high privacy on every search and has an understandable interface to do a simple email search. The disadvantages of Spokeo include the outdated and limited criminal records in its databases.

10. FastPeopleSearch

Several free services are available to do an email lookup on someone’s Gmail, but FastPeopleSearch is one of the fastest ways to do so. This platform makes an easier and quick retrieval of data on every search from all the data available on the public data available websites. Public records are the reason why FastPeopleSearch has a massive database.

FastPeopleSearch offers email lookup services across someone’s Gmail to trace an old friend or relative, marketing purposes, analysis of risks, confirming people’s identity, workplace affairs, and internet dating.

Like every email look-up service, FastPeopleSearch has its strengths and weaknesses. The strengths include its reliable interface that is easy to use for every user. Further, it provides the exact and relevant information within a few minutes, with the help of its large and massive database. The weakness of FastPeopleSearch is that it has no Android or iOS mobile application.

Wrapping Up

You might get quite curious when you would receive an email with peculiar information in your inbox. Under such circumstances, you always look for tools that would guide you to find the email sender’s details. For this, you look across a tool offering the best reverse email lookup online services.

The above article presents the best ways to run a reverse email lookup online services to the viewers. Reverse email lookup services provided by the above 10 best free email lookup sites are efficient, accurate, authentic, and reliable in all ways.

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