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We often wonder how magical and convenient it must be to find someone like his residence or social media profiles just by his name. Finding someone through their name or phone number is the easiest way one can take. However, it is not considered to be achievable. With passing time, technology has made success and many developments. It is now easy for people to find their lost ones on the internet by searching their social media profiles.

However, another approach to find complete details of someone like their residence, identity, and educational details is to use reverse phone software. Such people-finder apps take minor details of the target like their name or phone number and inform the user about relevant information. There are four main and authentic applications that provide information about the target:

This Instant Checkmate review will assist you in knowing how the application works.

Instant Checkmate – A Legitimate People – Finder Application

Instant Checkmate is a people-finder application that helps people find relevant and authentic information of people by their minimum available data. The software requires a name, phone number, or any email address in order to return information. The application has been reviewed in glowing terms by famous news brands like 9to5Mac, PCWorld, TechTimes, and TechRadar, etc.

It has a search engine interface that allows you to enter the name, phone number, address, or email address of the target and click the button. You can find a range of records covering important information like:

  • Criminal Records
  • Traffic Records
  • Past and Current Addresses
  • Relatives and Acquaintances
  • Alternative Phone Numbers

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Part 2: Phenomenal Features Offered by Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is a people searcher that offers many ways to find people. The approaches include Search by name, search by phone number, email address lookup, and Search by Home address.

  • Search by Name

The application finds people’s data by their name. The user has to enter a name in the interface and search. The returned information includes identity like name, age, date of birth, social media accounts, and residence of the target person. The background history, like criminal records, court cases, and felonies, is also included in the report. 

  • Reverse Phone Number Lookup

Searching someone through their phone number is called reverse phone number lookup, and Instant Checkmate provides information through this approach. The application provides information like acquaintances, linked relatives, his alternative phone numbers. If the target has any business linked with his phone number, the software makes a report on it as well.

  • Reverse Address Lookup

The reverse address lookup service of the application helps people to find their target by adding their home address. The information includes the net value of the property, list of tenants registered on it. Moreover, it also discovers information about people living there, like their criminal history and identity.

  • Email Address Lookup

The email address lookup service assists people to find fake email senders and scam organizations that ask for irrelevant details and turn out to be a fraud. Such fraud often creates problems for people. Any worst situation can be ignored if the user enters the email address in the lookup search bar. The service, then, finds out these interlinked social accounts, his pictures, full and accurate name.

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Part 3: How to Set-up Instant Checkmate Easily

Instant Checkmate works to provide authentic information with accuracy. Here, we will identify how it performs this duty.

Step 1: Head over to the Instant Checkmate website as it works directly from there. Click on the people search or reverse phone lookup service according to your demand. 

Step 2: Enter the full and valid name or phone number of your target person. Click on the “Search Button” to see the results.

Step 3: Instant Checkmate will display multiple profiles that match the given information. You can click on your target profile and see his information.

Instant Checkmate Official Website: www.instantcheckmate.com

Part 4: What are the Beneficial Qualities of Instant Checkmate?

Despite offering many ways to uncover important information, the software has other key-points, which makes it a top-notch app.

  • Uncovering In-depth Information

From minor traffic offenses to big criminal cases registered on the target person, the application describes every bit of information that you might have known before. The application makes multiple reports and never ignores any important information about the directed person.

  • Cheap Trial Period

Instant Checkmate has a very user-friendly cost policy that almost anyone can afford. It offers comparatively lower fees from its users, which is $1 for 5 days. This makes the application almost accessible to everyone.

  • Transparency

The software is very clear about its policies and never allows people to use the information against someone. For example, one cannot use the criminal history against his target, neither can he use the information to affect his employment. It has been declared illegal under the Fair credit reporting act (FCRA) to use the information out of the application.

  • Convenient Interface

Instant Checkmate contains a convenient interface and does not have any kind of hidden procedures. There is no professional knowledge required in order to operate the control panel. Moreover, the application can be installed directly on mobile phones, which makes it more accessible to users.

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Part 5: Alternate Lookup services of Instant Checkmate

This is obvious that Instant Checkmate performs services with accuracy and returns maximum details about the target’s identity. However, there are other lookup applications present that provide transparency and accurate information. These softwares include:


The Instant Checkmate reviews has concluded maximum information about the application and has informed the readers on what Instant Checkmate is. The Checkmate reviews has also described its setting procedure, which is quite easy and accessible by any user. The application has transparency and does not let anyone misuse the information against the target.

The review of Instant Checkmate has revealed that the app has a huge database directory and connections with several public search engines. Hence, the software easily finds old data of people with accuracy. It has many ways to find the target and his criminal records. Anyone looking for authentic evidence related to the software would surely get assisted.

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