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You’ll soon be able to automatically set your Chromebook’s wallpaper with Google Photos


Although its the most basic “customization” option that we have, setting your wallpaper can make you feel like you have a brand new device. Add in the integration with Google Photos for things like the Pixel or Nest Hub, and you can change things up on a regular basis. Curiously, this integration with Google Photos has been absent on Chrome OS and some of the best Chromebooks.

Thanks to some eagle eyes over at 9to5Google, this could be changing soon. A new flag in the Chromium Gerrit adds the ability to integrate Google Photos into the wallpaper application. Here’s what the description says:

This CL adds the feature flag to gate Google Photos integration in the wallpaper app. It uses the flag to reserve a new tile in the existing <collections-grid> that will serve as the entry point for the new integration. Note that the new tile will be in a perpetual loading for the time being.

After activated and made available, this flag will show Google Photos as “collections” within the app, adding even more options to choose from. However, the only “catch” is that it’s only becoming available in a redesigned Wallpapers app that is currently not available in the stable version of Chrome OS. And even then, you’ll still need to activate the #wallpaper-webui flag if you happen to be running a non-stable version of the software.

As is always the case with these experimental features, there’s no guarantee that Photos integration with Chrome OS will come to fruition. But things are definitely trending in that direction, so we’ll have to wait and see how long before it’s made available in the stable version.


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