Pixel Stand app update reveals multiple charging modes and gains Material You redesign


We’re just a few days away from seeing the official unveiling of the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, but more details continue to leak regarding the revised Pixel Stand. Thanks to previous leaks, Google is set to release the second iteration of its wireless charging stand, complete with support for faster charging along with a redesign. And as we near the final announcement, Google is pushing updates to the Pixel Stand app, giving us a better idea of what will be possible.

According to the updated app, there will be three different charging modes available with the new Pixel Stand:

  • Optimized: Optimizes charging based on your usage. Recommended for most situations.
  • Max: Charges as rapidly as possible. Fan may be louder at times.
  • Quite: Minimizes noise by limiting fan speed. Phone may charge slower.

The updated app also gains Material You support, while confirming that you will be able to “control your lights, thermostats, and other connected devices when charging your phone on Pixel Stand”. Unfortunately, there’s no example of what this looks like from within the app. But jumping back to the big Pixel leak from last weekend, we can see that there will be a different interface available, that looks almost identical to the Smart Home controls that we already have.

Speaking of those previous leaks, they confirmed that the Pixel Stand will provide up to 23W wireless charging speeds for the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. But it will also be compatible with non-Pixel devices with support for up to 15W Qi charging. Pricing is expected to match up with the original Pixel Stand, coming in at or around $80. We only have a few days left until Google makes the final announcement, and we can’t wait.


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