The sheer variety of games and game categories available in Google’s Play Store


Google revealed earlier this year that there are now three billion active Android devices globally, and each has access to the Google Play Store. Since its rebranding nine years ago, the Play Store has become a one-stop-shop for everything gaming on smartphones.

The last count put the total number of apps and games on the store at nearly three and a half million. Gamers on mobile devices now have a dizzying array of gaming categories to choose from, and within each, a vast range of exciting and interesting genre games and experiences. 

Google currently uses 17 tags to categorize games in the Play Store. They include Action, Board, Casino, Puzzle, Role Playing, Strategy, and Simulation. There is something for everyone in each of these categories. The games range from indie favorites and smaller games to high-budget offerings from some of the best developers working in the industry today. 

Take casino games, for example. There is a selection of free games where players use “play” money to partake in slots and casino games and more advanced, industry-leading apps which offer a range of payment methods. If you want to start playing with real money right now, you can open an account and make an online casino deposit via a safe and secure method such as PayPal, MasterCard, or Revolut. 

Several talented developers have released casino games that can now be played via the Google Play Store or websites on browser apps. NetEnt, based in Stockholm, has released hundreds of casino games and video slots, including classics such as Starburst and Dazzle Me. While casino games are very popular with gamers on smartphones, they are just one of the many categories on the Store.

According to official data, puzzle classic Candy Crush Saga is the most popular game on Android devices, having been downloaded more than a billion times since its release in 2012. Other popular games include Clash of Clans, Hill Climb Racing, Temple Run 2, 8 Ball Pool, and Free Fire. Each of these has more than 500 million downloads. 

To bring these gaming experiences together and provide some context for players, Google Play also includes “games services’ such as leaderboards, achievements, save game states, and multiplayer. These help build retention, with research showing that players are 22% more likely to return to a game when they are using these services. Leaderboards are great for comparing scores with the best players and close friends, while achievements increase purpose and motivation.

When navigating to the “Home” section of Games on the Google Play Store, there are various curated lists with recommendations and new releases. The “pre-registration” section at the top of the page details some of the games that will be released in the coming weeks and months, while the “new & updated” section features games that have recently been updated with new features by developers.

This is becoming more common in today’s modern gaming environment as free-to-play titles like PUBG and Fortnite get updates for battle passes, maps, and other in-game items to keep the experience fresh for players. Many of these games are perfect for smartphones as players can log in for 30 minutes each day, earn XP and feel like they are achieving something. 

This is true for casino games and video slots, compelling pick-up and play titles for gamers who may also want to gamble responsibly. While smartphones were once used primarily “on the go” during the commute to work or school, they now act as the primary entertainment hub for many consumers at home.

When delving into each of the game categories on the Google Play Store, these consumers will be presented with further sub-categories, which helps them find a game tailored precisely to their current needs. When clicking on the Card category, there are sections for top-rated and offline games and categories for different card types such as rummy. 

With millions of games now available on the Store, players have arguably the world’s most extensive selection of games available from a single source. The Amazon App Store and Windows Store have a comparatively smaller selection of hundreds of thousands of games, which is dwarfed by Google’s three and a half million. With so many games to play and apps to download, Android device owners will always be able to play the latest casino games, classic titles, and new bigger budget releases for years to come. 


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