Samsung is bringing Bixby to these laptops with Windows 11


If you’re one of the few who can’t get enough of Bixby and want to be able to use Samsung’s voice assistant anywhere, you’re in luck. In a blog post detailing the Windows 11 for the Galaxy Book line of laptops, Samsung confirmed that Bixby on Windows is coming soon.

In order to activate Bixby, you’ll have a couple of different options. With the microphone enabled, you can just say “Hi Bixby” and then start making voice commands. But keyboard shortcut warriors are able to use a combination of either CTRL + Shift + B, or the FN and B keys at the same time to wake Bixby up.

From there, you can issue “simple voice commands”, and Samsung gives a few examples of what Bixby can handle:

  • Search for files
  • Open apps
  • Control devices with your SmartThings-registered device ecosystem.

Thankfully, this isn’t something that is baked into the Windows 11 on Samsung Galaxy Book laptops. Samsung is at least giving you the option to use Bixby if you want, you’ll just need to first download the Bixby service from the Microsoft Store. As for what laptops are compatible, Samsung has provided the following list:

In addition to bringing Bixby to your laptop, Samsung is also updating the Live Wallpaper feature. Live Wallpapers will not support the “same UI as seen on your Galaxy smartphones and tablets.” This also includes any Dynamic Wallpaper images found on the Galaxy Dynamic Lockscreen. All of this is done to provide a fluid and cohesive experience across all of your Samsung Galaxy devices.

Finally, Samsung confirmed that the upcoming Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G will be the first Samsung laptop to actually ship with Windows 11. Those on any of the other laptops listed above, will need to go through the traditional process for updating their laptops to the latest version of Windows.


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