Honor continues to re-gain its foothold in the market while showing off new “Ultra Fusion” technology


It’s been quite an interesting couple of years for Honor, as the company was included in Huawei’s ban, before being spun off into its own company. Then, Honor picked up right where it left off as we’ve seen the Honor 50 series, Magic 3, and X20 all arriving within the last few months.

In the beginning of September, reports suggested that Honor had overcome all of the pitfalls that it has been dealing with and had surpassed both Apple and Xiaomi in China. The report stated that back in January 2021, Honor only held a 3% market share, but that had grown substantially thanks to the releases of the aforementioned devices.

Today, in a press release detailing its new “Ultra Fusion Quad-Camera” technology, Honor also confirmed that its market share has risen to a staggering 16.2% in China. A lot of this was initially driven by the popularity of the Honor 50, which saw sales of Honor phones rise more than 35% in the span of just two weeks after the phone was launched (via Counterpoint Research).

This simply proves that Honor still has the brand recognization needed to make a big push in the Chinese market. For the past couple of years, we’ve seen Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi take over the market share once held by both Huawei and Honor. But now that Honor is back, and with GMS compatibility in tow, Honor is proving that the competition is fierce and that one great smartphone release could shake up the market.

As for that new camera technology, Honor is using computational photography to combine the primary wide-angle camera with the monochrome, ultra-wide, and telephoto cameras to create crisp photos. Traditionally, computational photography relies on just a single camera lens, but with the Honor Magic 3, this technology combines multiple cameras.

Honor also believes that it has created the right software algorithm to provide clearer photos. When in use, images will be able to take in up to 13% more light, along with providing up to 18% better image clarity. But the best part is that this is expected to work with all four cameras on the Honor Magic 3.

Even with recent rumors suggesting that Honor may end up back on the U.S. entity list, the company is making the most out of the situation. The only head-scratching question we have now is, why didn’t Honor announce this new camera technology when it unveiled the Magic 3? Nevertheless, it’s just one more feature that you can take advantage of from one of Honor’s most impressive devices ever released.


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