Honor teeters on the edge of being placed on the US Entity list


Honor used to be a sub-brand of Huawei before the company decided to sell it off as a separate entity.

It was a good decision because not only did this allow the Honor brand to avoid being caught in the crossfire between Huawei and the US government, but it also meant that Honor phones would be able to use Google’s services and apps again.

Unfortunately, that victory may be short lived.

According to a report from the Washington Post it appears that officials from various US agencies and departments, like Commerce, State, Energy, and the Pentagon are torn on whether or not Honor should be placed on the US Entity list.

Apparently officials from the Pentagon and Department of Energy support the idea, while those from the Commerce and State Department  are opposed.

For those unfamiliar, being placed on the US Entity list is essentially a company being blacklisted from being able to do business with US companies, and US companies from doing business with them. This is the current predicament that Huawei has found themselves in.

It also affects non-US companies that they deal with as long as those companies use US technologies. It is unclear what this could mean for Honor, but like we said, if they do end up on the list, it would have been a very short lived victory for both Huawei and Honor.

Source: Washington Post

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