Bad news, the Xiaomi Mi Band X won’t be happening after all


Last week, Xiaomi got us all very excited when an internal photograph showed an employee making a presentation for the Mi Band X. Based on the presentation, this is a wearable that would feature a wraparound display, which we have to say was a pretty cool idea and concept, but alas, it is not to be.

According to Xiaomi’s PR executive Wang Hua who made a post on Weibo, it turns out that the photo is real, but the product isn’t. According to Wang, the photo and presentation itself were real, but apparently this was part of Xiaomi’s internal training program which involves exercises that sees the company’s employees take part in planning a product, creating marketing strategies, and so on.

In this particular instance, the employee decided to create a mock product called the Mi Band X that would feature a wraparound display. For those who were understandably excited by the concept, sorry to disappoint. We have seen wearables with wraparound flexible displays before, but they haven’t really taken off in a big way.

We were hoping that the Mi Band X could be the game changer as Xiaomi typically prices their products in a way that makes them very accessible. That being said, who knows, the post has generated quite a lot of buzz so with all that interest it has gotten, maybe Xiaomi could consider making it a reality.

Source: ITHome

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