The Nubia Alpha wraps a flexible-display smartphone around your wrist


So we’ve seen foldable smartphones that have the ability to fold in half, but what about a device whose display can be wrapped around your entire wrist? That’s what ZTE’s Nubia has been working on as the company has since unveiled their latest product: the Nubia Alpha.

This is actually not the first time that Nubia has hinted at their plans for a flexible display device. They unveiled a concept back at IFA 2018 and launched a teaser for it ahead of MWC 2019, and now it looks like it has become a reality. The Alpha is a smartwatch which features a 4-inch 960×192 OLED display where the screen is manufactured by a company called Visionox. They are boasting that this is the largest wearable flexible screen in the industry, which from what we can tell, seems to be a pretty accurate claim.

The Alpha is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 where it will be accompanied by 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage, and a 500mAh battery. There will also be Bluetooth, WiFi, and 4G eSIM support, which means that when used together with its own data plan it can run independently of your smartphone, and in theory can also be used to place and make calls. Nubia has even managed to stuff a 5MP camera if you want to take some selfies.

Given that this is a wearable, the Alpha will feature the standard fitness tracking capabilities such as sleep, exercise, and heart rate monitoring. The basic Bluetooth-only model will be sold priced at €449 while the eSIM model will retail for €549 when they are released later this year.

Source: Engadget

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