OnePlus Nord 2 explodes five days after it was purchased


Exploding phones are pretty rare but at the same time, it can be pretty scary. Making matters worse is if it’s a brand new phone that was recently launched, which is what happened to the OnePlus Nord 2 5G that was recently launched.

According to Twitter user Ankur Sharma, it seems that his wife was out cycling with her brand new OnePlus Nord 2 5G that was bought less than a week ago. It was placed inside of a sling case when suddenly it exploded and smoke started to come out of it. Sharma’s tweet has since been deleted, but photos of the exploded device were saved and have been making their rounds.

“Today morning around 6 AM IST, my wife went out for cycling with her new OnePlus Nord 2 (5days old) in her sling. All of a sudden phone blasted and smoke started coming out of it. Due to this blast, she met with an accident. She is in trauma after this incident.”

Image credit – Ankur Sharma

OnePlus has since responded to the issue on Twitter where they have publicly asked Sharma to get in touch with the company where they plan on making it up to them. At this point it is unclear as to how this explosion could have happened or what was the cause behind it, but the company claims that after an internal investigation they concluded it was an isolated incident not caused by manufacturing issues.

In a statement made to Android Authority:

“Our top priority is the health and safety of our customers. We reached out to the concerned user immediately after hearing about this incident and initiated a thorough internal investigation. The results indicate that the damage to this device was caused by an isolated incident involving external factors and not due to any manufacturing or product issue. However, we remain in close touch with this user and have offered our support to address their concerns and ensure their wellbeing.

We would like to assure our customers that our products undergo thorough quality and safety tests, including various levels of pressure and impact tests, to ensure they are up to industry-leading standards and remain safe to use.”

Source: Android Authority

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