Mobvoi’s upcoming smartwatches might not launch with Wear OS 3


Following Google’s announcement that together with Samsung, they will be developing a new and update wearables platform called Wear OS 3, many had wondered what this could mean for existing Wear OS devices. It was later confirmed by Google that only a couple of existing Wear OS devices would be updated.

The company also noted that future watches from Fossil and Mobvoi would launch with support for Wear OS 3. In a statement made to 9to5Google, Mobvoi has confirmed that to be true, but their choice of wording is a bit vague and also suggests that future devices might not launch with Wear OS 3 out of the box.

The company said that “future TichWatch devices” would be “eligible for Wear OS 3 upgrade”, which like we said, suggests that the company could be planning on launching new TicWatch devices that might still run on an older Wear OS build, and that they might only get the update later on.

To be fair, Google did state that Wear OS 3 would be available to their partners in the second half of 2022, so it wouldn’t really make sense for Mobvoi to hold back on their current plans. We hope more details will be revealed when they do get around to launching their new smartwatches, but if you are planning to get your hands on it, this is something to take note of.

Source: 9to5Google

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