Wondershare’s Filmora X lets you edit together amazing videos with ease


We’re sure you’ve all seen videos on YouTube of travel vlogs, product reviews, advertisements, and more. Some of them look stunning in terms of how they were shot and edited together, and now you feel a bit inspired and want to do something of your own. So you take out your camera, grab some footage, and now it comes to piecing it all together.

If you’ve never done this before, it can feel downright intimidating. There are so many things to think about when editing a video, like choosing the right length, color grading, music, aspect ratio, and more. This might put some people off from doing it, and we understand, but Wondershare’s Filmora X wants to help.

There are plenty of video editing software out there, but because some of them are clearly aimed at industry professionals, they might not be the best for beginners or if you’re just looking to put together something simple, which is where Filmora X shines.

Cool and fun filters that are easy to use

Splicing together clips is simple enough, but sometimes adding effects can turn a boring 10-second clip into a clip that keeps viewers glued from start to finish. Filmora X comes with a host of filters and features that are easy to apply. For example, there is motion tracking that lets you add effects and have it track your subject across frames in an instant, like AR stickers that can even follow your facial expressions.

It also lets you create the split-screen effect that lets you play two or more videos at once which can help with your storytelling. There is also color matching that lets you match the colors across your videos to help create a more consistent look, kind of like how the Matrix movies utilized a greenish hue to help create its signature look.

Filmora X will also leverage the use of AI with its AI Portraits add-on feature (purchased separately). This helps editors remove the background from the subject quickly and easily, so if you’re filming without a green screen or don’t have a Chroma key, then this could be very useful.

If those aren’t enough, Filmora X will come with integration with Filmstock Effects where you can browse a huge library of over 20,000 different types of effects without having to leave the app.

Don’t forget about audio!

In addition to editing videos and creating effects, what if your video relies on audio like people talking or a voiceover to help narrate the video? With Filmora X, there are features like audio ducking. This means that you can easily play music throughout your video but when someone starts speaking, it will fade the music in the background to bring more prominence to the speech.

There is also an optional (paid) add-on in the form of Silence Detection that can remove silent pauses in your videos, so if you are doing a video with people speaking and there’s an awkward pause and silence, it can remove it automatically to help keep the video flowing.

Filmora X also comes with audio normalization which is useful because if you do not have a dedicated sound person who can help monitor audio levels during recording, using software to help normalize audio is the next best thing. The add-on features one-click audio normalization which is useful for beginners who aren’t familiar with the process.

Audio effects will also be one of the features users can expect from the software, where you can add effects like echo, reverb, or phone to your video clips.

Support for Windows and Mac

There are some video editing software that only works on one platform, but if you’re platform agnostic and you have multiple computers, Filmora X will work on both (but you will need separate licenses). There is also support for the Mac’s Touch Bar so if you are looking for software that can actually take advantage of this hardware feature, this could be it.

Both versions will also support more advanced features like keyboard shortcuts, so if you want to work more efficiently like you’ve seen other people do in other video editing software, Wondershare is more than happy to oblige.

The app has also been designed to support multiple video platforms with features like Auto Reframe. What this does is that it helps change the aspect ratio of the video clip while allowing for manual adjustment of the focal point, so you can upload it to platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook without any issues.


If those weren’t enough to fully convince you, then maybe its price will. Wondershare’s Filmora X is priced at $19.99 if you go with the monthly plan. This is on par with some competing software, but if you really want to save money, the annual subscription is priced at $61.99, making it a lot cheaper than the competition.

There is even a perpetual plan, which is a one-time payment of $89.99, making it very much a steal.


If you’re looking for a video editing software that’s easy to use but also comes with more advanced features that you can grow with later on, then it’s hard to ignore Wondershare’s Filmora X. The easy-to-use features and its very competitive pricing makes it a very compelling alternative to some of the other video editing software that are already in the market.

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