You might actually be able to buy the Huawei P50 outside of China


The Huawei P50 lineup is being unveiled on July 29th, just next week. But one of the questions leading up to next week’s event is where the phone will be made available. The obvious first option will be China, but according to Huawei, the P50 will be made available in other markets across the globe.

According to GSMArena, a “company representative in Finland” confirmed that the P50 will “launch globally”. This is rather interesting as there seem to be a few key details of these devices that haven’t been nailed down quite yet. The biggest question so far has to do with the processor, and whether Huawei will use its own Kirin 9000 SoC, or if it will be forced to use the 4G-only version of the Snapdragon 888. 


Yesterday, a teaser video was published on YouTube, highlighting some of the key camera features of the Huawei P50 lineup. It’s been confirmed that Huawei’s partnership with Leica will continue for another year. Additionally, at least one of the Huawei P50 devices will sport a 125mm periscope camera with an f/3.4 aperture.

Huawei was expected to announce the P50 at its event back in June where the Huawei Watch 3 series and MatePad tablets were introduced. However, with the aforementioned chipset issues, Huawei pushed back the release until it could secure enough units.

HarmonyOS has shown a lot of promise so far, but we’re still awaiting the arrival of the first phone to ship with Huawei’s new operating system. As HarmonyOS lacks the Google Play Store, Huawei has been doing everything it can to lure developers and convince them to bring apps to the AppGallery. Huawei has even gone so far as to partner with Rovio, makers of Angry Bird, to bring the game to the AppGallery along with themes for the OS and new watch faces.

It’s no secret that Huawei is well-known for offering some of the best hardware in the world. But it’s been a tumultuous last couple of years, and the P50 could help Huawei move back in the right direction again.


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