Huawei thinks Angry Birds 2 will convince people to start using HarmonyOS


Back in the early days of the smartphone, Microsoft attempted to woo users over to its Windows Phone platform by announcing partnerships with developers, like Rovio, where they thought that the launch of Angry Birds on Windows Phone would be the deciding factor on whether or not people wanted to use their platform.

Fast forward to today, it seems that Huawei has decided to employ the same strategy,  but with Angry Birds 2. The company has announced a partnership with Rovio in which the Angry Birds 2 game will be made available via the AppGallery, which for those unfamiliar is Huawei’s take on the Google Play Store but for its HarmonyOS platform.

In addition to the game being available, there will also be Angry Birds 2 themes available for their devices, like watch faces for the Huawei Watch Fit and Watch 3. To be fair, we can’t blame Huawei for trying to court developers for its HarmonyOS platform. After all, without a strong ecosystem, no one would want to use it, especially if they could easily get a phone that runs on Android and has access to Google’s services.

At the same time, we’re not sure if Angry Birds 2 is going to be enough to get people to start taking interest in HarmonyOS. While it did help Microsoft generate some headlines, we’re not sure if it really helped them all that much, but hey, if you do get a HarmonyOS device, you’ll be able to play Angry Birds 2!

Source: GSMArena

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