Backup by Google One aims to make it easier to keep your Android phone backed up


A little over a year ago, Google announced a new way for you to back up your Android phones with the help of Google One. But this was still limited, as you could only really back up things like app data, SMS messages, and call history. There are some more robust settings capable of being backed up, such as Wi-Fi passwords or even display brightness settings, but it wasn’t everything.

Today, Backup by Google One has been announced (via 9to5Google) and is a one-stop-shop for all of your backup needs on Android. With this new feature, you’ll be able to now back up photos, videos, MMS messages, and more, right from the Settings app on Android.

With these changes, Google will also be providing more granular control over what data can be backed up. This will come in handy given that your backups are still limited to the 15GB of storage included with your Google Account. If you end up needing more, then you’ll need to subscribe to one of the higher-storage tiers in Google One.

But for those who don’t already subscribe to Google One, you won’t need to in order to take advantage of this new feature. With Backup by Google One in tow, you should be able to move from one Android phone to the next, without skipping a beat. Of course, you’ll still need to sign in to your Google account and all that jazz, but all of your data will be right there waiting for you.

Although this feature has yet to appear on our Android devices, Backup by Google One is expected to arrive in the “coming weeks”. It is said to arrive on all Android devices running at least Android 8.0 Oreo.


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