Samsung’s latest Bixby update makes it feel more like Google Assistant


A new update is rolling out for Bixby that brings a few “quality of life” enhancements to the digital assistant. One of the biggest complaints, aside from dealing with dedicated Bixby buttons, is that responses take up the entire screen when Bixby is invoked. That’s no longer an issue with the latest Bixby update, as you’ll now be greeted with a much smaller window when receiving a response.

According to SamMobile, the update also includes improvements to Bixby as a service. The digital assistant will now show hints when being used, provided that “Personalized Bixby” is enabled. When invoked, Boxby will show personalized “app-based hints”.

One of the more surprising updates is that you don’t have to train Bixby to learn your voice when first setting it up. Previously, you would be walked through a similar process to Google Assistant, allowing your phone to learn what your voice sounds like. Now, you can just use the Bixby wake phrase “Hi Bixby” without actually training it.

Finally, there’s a new “Add Quick Commands to home” feature available in the Bixby app. When added, a new icon will be added to your home screen making it easy to quickly issue Bixby commands.

This update has not made its way to everyone just yet, as it seems to be rolling out in waves. SamMobile states that the update is coming now, and will be available through the Galaxy Store.


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