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Buying a preowned car might sound easy, but it is the most likely step in losing your money worth. As most of the dealer’s provided information might not be sufficient to put your claim on the vehicle. In this difficult situation, one of the most effective solutions is to run a license plate lookup.

The market is filled with confusing tools and software claiming to run license plate searches of the vehicle. In this article, we’ll provide comprehensive information about a different aspect of license plate lookup by going through the top-notched tool.

What Is A Vehicle License Plate Search?

The license plate number works as the identity card of our vehicle. Upon the registration, the state’s motor vehicle department assigns each vehicle with a unique character code. This helps in storing various information about the vehicle. At any level, a license plate search can be utilized to access this information.

The conventional method for plate lookup is to file a tracking request to the state’s DMV. However, free reverse license plate lookup tools are also available, by which limited information can be accessed online. Moreover, these lookup tools are totally legal.

How to Do A Free License Plate Lookup

License plate lookup can be done by using above stated methods. Undoubtedly, the utilization of online tools is the best one as they follow the same pattern to dispense information to its user in a limited time. The following section will state the market’s efficient tool for license plate lookup:

VinPit – Free and Accurate License Plate Lookup Tool

VinPit is the fastest-growing license plate lookup tool that guarantees 100% safe & secure information regarding any vehicle. It collects information in its huge data archives from DMV and multiple other sources. Upon any inquiry, the free VinPit runs a complete history check on the license plate and provides its user with an accurate report.

VinPit is continually evolving and focusing on improving data quality regularly. The license plate lookup feature not only allows simple plate lookup but also focuses on providing vehicle history by brand and state. It can be the initial point when buying a vehicle, reporting an accident or a driver, in any court proceeding involving the vehicle. Moreover, this advanced tool is also regarded as the best VIN check and decoder.

What Can I Learn From A Vehicle License Plate Search?

A variety of information can be gathered and lookup from license plate searches. The distinctive features of the VinPit allow advanced data set includes information such as the brand name, involved accidents, theft or stolen, ownership status, and other publicly accessible material. Its details are as follows:

  • Fuel Efficiency and Mileage

The provided information lists out details about the fuel efficiency by sharing stats regarding fuel usage per mile. Also, the recorded mileage by stating traveled distance by the vehicle.

  •  Title History and Ownership status

The information regarding the salvaged title can put red flags on the potential vehicle as they cannot be economically viable or even safe to drive. Furthermore, a vehicle with a single owner is far more preferable with multiple ownership status.

  • Accidents and Damages

The vehicle could have encountered multiple accidents and have hidden damages. VinPit license plate lookup will uncover those damages and help in making the right decision about the vehicle.

  • Inspection and Service

The extracted information by VinPit highlights all the maintenance work on the vehicle and inspected emission, stability, or other checks of motor vehicles.

  • Theft and Recall History

The detailed report also highlights the reported theft or stolen car. Lastly, provided information details the recall history to avoid purchasing a faulty vehicle.

VinPit Official Website: www.vinpit.com

Detailed Step-by-Step Guide for License Plate Search

VinPit offers to check license plate history in two ways. The first one includes the various vehicle brand names such as BMW, Mercedes, and Chevy. Secondly, it allows the plate lookup by several states. The never-ending list of states covers Texas license plate lookup, California license plate lookup, Illinois license plate lookup, Florida license plate lookup, etc.

The following section has listed out the detailed guide for utilizing the free license plate lookup services of VinPit:

Step 1: Carefully note down the plate number of the potential vehicle.

Step 2: Open the official website of VinPit. From the top bar, choose the “License Plate Lookup” option. From the next window, type in your plate number in the search bar and click enter.

Step 3: The detailed report regarding the searched vehicle will be provided by VinPit from its huge database.

Tap Here to Do a Quick License Plate Check through VinPit Secure Tool <<

Alternates of VinPit License Plate Lookup

If you are facing any difficulty in accessing VinPit, there are also few good tools available in the market for license plate lookup. This section will elaborate on the offered features of these alternate tools:


EpicVin is a versatile US-based tool that offers to run a complete background check on the vehicle. The reported data goes through 40 million data archives to obtain necessary information about the searched vehicle. The offered records enlist the information for the model, manufacturing year, odometer reading, previous purpose, and other different details. This platform shares information that is authorized by NMVTIS.

Most importantly, EpicVin assures us to deliver precise and extensive auto facts at a low price. Only US-based users can obtain its online services for multiple purposes after the initial confusion regarding the website resolves.


carVertical introduced its product in the summer of 2018 and has earned its mark in the market due to its effective features. The data collection mechanism of this tool includes a wide range of global data outlets, including NMVTIS and other renowned companies. It offers a comprehensive report on mileage rollback, ownership, accidents, theft, salvage, and other historical reports.

The top blockchain system of carVertical ensures to provide tamper-proof vehicle reports that cannot be falsified or altered in any way. The vehicle assessment efficiently ranks the vehicular state by assigning the score from 1 – 10 by evaluating against the damages, odometer reading (mileage), and the model defects. Sadly, the reported data is limited as the report doesn’t include comprehensive car damage details.


AutoCheck, partnered with Experian, offers a secure license plate lookup. It has over 500 million vehicular data on the manufacture year, title, safety recalls, odometer reading, rental history, gray market values, and accident history, etc. It has the strength to search the entire database every time a new license plate search is done.

AutoCheck’s renowned vehicular history program integrates the best feature to facilitate the assessing and comparing of similar vehicles. The evaluation offers a side-by-side comparison by ranking values from 1 to 100. Behind the scene, working includes expert analysis to generate a score variation based on multiple vehicle specifications. Unfortunately, it provides only US-based plate lookup and doesn’t include the maintenance data of the vehicle.


Bumper is a web-based tool for license plate lookup aimed to provide speedy history reports to keep up with modern times. This NORTON secured approved NMVTIS program enables the user’s access to valuable vehicular information services. This data set is also collected through the source of salvage auctions, towing agencies, scrap yards, and insurance companies.

Bumper updates its data regularly from each source. Thus, reports contain 100% accurate data information from 22 state-level departments. The reported data contains comprehensive information for market value, safety recalls, theft & accident records, sale information, and other vehicular specifications. It offers good services, but the reports contain fewer data sets than its market competitors.


CARFAX is one of the largest cross-border US and Canadian databases in the world. It contains over 22 billion records of the pre-owned vehicles purchased after 1981 from both states. Moreover, its data collection outlets are approximately over 100,000 motor vehicle authorities.

CARFAX’s reported data contains several types of auto-related data. This includes information about the vehicle’s history, mileage, ownership, lease, purpose, hail damage, accidental or structural damage, salvaged or junked, recall information, and many others, etc. But the data is not reliable as it can be exploited by the dealer by adding falsified facts.

Where Does The Information For A License Plate Search Come From?

There are numerous available sources in the market to access plate lookup information. Basic sources are governmental vehicle departments such as National Insurance Crime Bureau, National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS), and the US Vehicle Reports. Moreover, the advanced tools also integrate the data collected from multiple other sources. These sources include but are not limited to federal and private records, fire brigade & police, insurance companies, auctions, towing companies, junkyards, etc.


The license plate number is utilized by government departments to store different vehicle specifications. This information can be accessed by the general public by running a license plate lookup. The article has enlisted the market’s best tool for this lookup. Comparatively, the VinPit offers more in terms of quality than the other tools. Choose any listed plate lookup tool based upon your preference and requirement.

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