How to Get a Free VIN Check Online


We live in the age of scams, unfortunately. It’s not uncommon for stolen cars with washed titles to be “repurposed” and resold. That’s why it’s imperative you do your research before you purchase a car second-hand. 

A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is inseparable from a car, and the vehicle’s history is linked to it. The VIN is stamped on multiple places around the car’s frame and is extremely difficult to clone. 

With a VIN check, you can ascertain that the used car you’re about to buy is legit and doesn’t have a shady history. You may also need a VIN check for other reasons such as – 

  • Safety recalls 
  • Accident reports
  • Vehicle registration
  • Odometer validation 

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Part 1: What is a VIN Number?

Every vehicle comes with a unique numeric fingerprint – the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). No two cars can have the same VIN. The VIN is composed of 17 characters – a combination of digits and capital letters. 

These 17 characters can be decoded with a VIN check online. This VIN number lookup allows you to find out pertinent, relevant details about the vehicle in question: 

  • The 1st digit is the country of manufacture. 
  • The 2nd digit is the maker. 
  • The 3rd digit is the type. 
  • The 4th– 8th digits are the vehicle’s attributes: the brand, engine size, and type. 
  • The 9th digit is the security code. 
  • The 10th digit is the year. 
  • The 11th letter is the assembly plant. 
  • The 12th-17th letters are production numbers. 

Part 2: How to Do a Free VIN Search Online? 

You can do a quick VIN search online by using a free VIN check service like VinPit. Also, some government agencies like the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) allow you to look up VIN numbers for free. 

2.1 The Best Solution for VIN Number Lookup

VinPit is arguably the best VIN checker service in town. Not only does it offer more relevant, in-depth information than what an agency like NICB digs up, but it’s also free to use. 

VinPit maintains a database of more than 268 million registered vehicles in the United States. Further, the service has private tie-ups with popular car manufacturers, allowing it to fetch and display accurate, up-to-date information every time.   

This VIN search service is a respected name online and has received praise from many respected vehicle-review sites like Auto Freak, Carsoid, Speedway Media, and Medium.   

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2.2 How to Do a Free VIN Lookup?

Running a VIN check online on VinPit is fast and painless. The site  generates a VIN report for you in minutes. You can download the report or view it in your web browser. 

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Visit the VIN Check page on VinPit. 
  2. Enter the vehicle’s VIN number in the empty form field. 
  3. Click on search and then wait for a few seconds.  
  4. Read the report in your web browser. 

You can optionally pay for and download an in-depth information report. 

You can find the VIN number of the vehicle in the title, registration, or insurance documents. It’s also embossed on the engine block, dashboard, door frame or side door, steering wheel, or radiator support.  

Note: If the VIN number looks tampered with, chances are the vehicle is stolen or has a shady history. You can run a VIN check to compare the registered information with the vehicle in reality and find any deviations. 

VinPit Official Website: www.vinpit.com

2.3 What Information is Included in a Report?

You can expect important specifications for your unique vehicle: 

  • The vehicle’s country of origin
  • The name of the manufacturer
  • The engine details – like type, size, and model 
  • The model year – when the car was made 
  • Transmission type – automatic or clutch 

Further, you can expect verification-related details for your unique vehicle. This is information that allows you to trace back the vehicle’s history and covers critical events: 

  • Owner information: Past owners, registration history, sales, vehicle use, and repossession.  
  • Technical info: Maintenance and warranty, manufacturing defects, distance covered. 
  • Accidents: Damage suffered, accidents, inspection details. 
  • Theft: Burglary, theft, or fraud.  

VIN number checks on VinPit let you determine whether the vehicle in question is in good shape and safe to buy or use. 

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Part 3: Alternative Ways to Do VIN Number Check

You can also conduct a VIN lookup for free from sites like EpicVin and Car Vertical. Both VIN search sites offer in-depth reports and are simple to use.  

3.1 Check VIN Number Quickly – EpicVin 

EpicVin is a great place for carrying out a free VIN check. The site offers a comprehensive VIN check report, with information like vehicle reports, specifications, impound & towing events, sales history, auctions, and theft check. 

You don’t need to subscribe or provide a credit card number to get a report from EpicVin. Further, generating a report is simple: 

  1. Visit the VIN search page and enter the VIN number. 
  2. Click on search. 
  3. Read the report. 

EpicVin is easy to use and reliable. It also offers a good amount of details. You may, however, get some extra details on VinPit like a hidden damage information report. Overall, you won’t be disappointed using EpicVin.   

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3.2 Run a Free VIN Check Easily – Car Vertical 

Car Vertical is one of the most popular and in-depth VIN check services on the planet. The founders have tie ups with major auto manufacturers like BMW, Tesla, and General Motors, allowing the site to fetch details directly from these manufacturers. 

You can expect an exceptional amount of information on Car Vertical, including the vehicle history and owner information. You can carry out a VIN number lookup on the homepage: 

  1. Visit the “VIN decoder” page on Car Vertical. 
  2. Enter the VIN number and click on search. 
  3.  Read the report in your web browser. 

The report you’ll receive will be exceptionally well-organized. It’s easy to scroll through the various sections of the report. There’s a checklist section that gives you unique tips based on the car type and manufacturer. These tips can save you time and money. 

Try out Car Vertical’s VIN checker right here!


Carrying out a VIN number lookup is a walk in the park with the help of an online VIN number lookup solution like VinPit. You can expect the VIN check to be free, fast, and accurate. 

VIN number checks allow you to rest easy knowing the vehicle on hand is reliable and worth the buy, and prevent you from falling prey to scammers. 


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