A look back at the best vintage tech of all time


Broadband Genie has put together a list of valuable vintage tech that you may have around the house. Vintage technology has dramatically increased in value over the recent decades. Most of us don’t realize that our old tech, stuffed away in a drawer, is actually worth a lot of money.

The Hewlett Packard HP-01 Calculator Watch was ahead of its time. Its retro design made you the coolest kid in school if you could flaunt one of these on your wrist. Today, one of these watches will set you back £1,466/$2,013, a heavy price to pay to look that cool.

During this spring clean, keep an eye out for any tech you find that pops up on this list as you could win the mini lottery. There has been plenty of tech that has decreased in value over the years, but who knows? You could hit the big time!

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