10 Best Free Reverse Address Lookup Services Online


There can be times when performing an address lookup helps you cope with irrelevant fuss and worry. In our daily life, we often feel the need for an address lookup in order to receive information about a specific person. It seems very unreal to look up information and the background of a specific person by just adding a specific person’s name, email address, or phone number.

Reverse address lookup service can possibly answer your “who lives there” kind of questions at a specific street, past and current owners of that specific house. A reverse address lookup provides information on the property’s history, current residents, and physical locations like square footage, bedroom counts, and their relative’s addresses.

In addition, you can easily discover the criminal records of your target or if there are any registered sex offenders living at that address. This article will present the 10 best free applications to lookup addresses.

Here, we have listed down the top 4 lookup applications which offer information about people in an accurate way.

1. Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is an address lookup website where a user can find out people’s address and their personal information. It can also discover the registered criminals present in any area by adding their home address carefully on the search site. This service allows you to find out personal information about the target through his home address. It includes his address, identity, criminal records, background history, current location, etc.

In order to receive information, the user has to enter the address of the target and the state in which he lives on the search bar. After this step, the application will start showing the important data of the target, which contains his past and current residence, his identity, criminal records, etc. You can find crucial information about your neighborhood on legal matters. 

Instant Checkmate is an online service that lets the user do a background check on the target through his house address easily. Users can easily access the target’s social media profiles, criminal records, addresses, phone numbers, and other information. Anyone who wants to run an instant background check can enter the target’s residential information and see if the target has a criminal record or not.

Instant Checkmate is one of the best address lookup services so far. Instant Checkmate’s database is popular to have information about any person as it contains millions of public records. It helps users to find out their long-lost family members and their current locations.

Instant Checkmate facilitates the user to get the information that is present in the target’s public platforms and on public search engines.

Pros of Instant Checkmate:

  1. It shows the former addresses of people living at the current address. 
  2. The application shows extensive public information in a single click.
  3. It shows the unlimited background checks about the target person.
  4. The app provides clear information about how information should be used.

Cons of Instant Checkmate:

  1. The application takes way too long to load the results, which might seem annoying.

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2. TruthFinder

TruthFinder is receiving high marks for ease of use and giving correct information about the target through his house address. It is an address lookup service that helps the user know about the present residence of the target. It contains up-to-date and accurate public records, so people find out their lost friends and other relatives by just adding their current or former residential information.

This service provides information about the target’s social media profiles, his relatives, and full identities like the name, age, and date of birth of the target. Moreover, if your target has any criminal history, you can also access his by just adding his residential address.

If you want to get information about any place and all you have is the address of the place written on it. You can add it on TruthFinder to find the information on the property itself. The information will include the surface in square footage, local area code, and the year in which the house was built.

For someone who wants to find an old friend or wishes to contact someone they met in another country years later, then TruthFinder is the upright service.

Upright points:

  1. This application is available on both Android and iOS devices and runs through its webpage.
  2. Truthfinder has another benefit that lets the user know about all the information related to the target’s business.
  3. The application has affordable prices, such as $1 for a five-day trial.
  4. It displays social media details with accuracy.

Downside reviews:

  1. It does not have a refund policy and only refunds 1-year of accidental subscription.

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3. CocoFinder

CocoFinder is a reverse address lookup service that provides all information about their target, including his social media profiles, age, relatives, and identity through his residential information. It contains the special feature of address lookup through which a user can find the target’s identity, location, and property details.

This address lookup informs the user about his targets, such as his criminal history, financial dues, court proceedings, and addresses. It provides in-depth information about any person living at a specific address. You can also find information about your neighbors by entering their addresses.

It also informs about the value of homes and average income in that area, demographic information, etc. Address lookup report will let the user know if there are sex offenders registered in the neighborhood.

CocoFinder’s online service is linked to several public records, so it provides authentic information about the target. It avoids exhibiting any false filler data. The beneficial part is that users don’t have to pay to do a targeted search through CocoFinder.

CocoFinder does not want the user’s email address, so the user can avail complete privacy. By adding the address of any particular property, the application lets you run a background check to find out its present and previous owners or tenants.

Besides, CocoFinder can also help you to find someone with the target’s name, email and phone number. 

Beneficial features that CocoFinder offers:

  1. CocoFinder provides higher accuracy in providing relevant and up-to-date data as compared to other lookup services.
  2. The application also gives crucial information about the neighborhood or legal matters connected to the target’s address.
  3. CocoFinder has a number of ways to find the identity and background of people.
  4. It offers regularly updated databases and always provides up-to-date background and identity information.

Minus points of CocoFinder:

  1. CocoFinder takes a long time to find the results of people.

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4. Intelius

Intelius is a reverse address lookup service app that offers address lookup service by requiring the residential address of your target. We are surrounded by people we don’t know a lot about. With this, you can easily get all information about a particular person by just entering his home address. This application is easy and convenient for its users.

If you want to know about your neighbors that are currently shifted to a place near you, you can use Intelius as a background finder application. The app finds out people’s identity and their former history by just getting their house address and the state they live in.

The application is a source to provide data about people and their connections to their family and friends. The application can locate criminal offenses all over the area through public records and national databases. If someone wants to know about the neighborhood, the applications will surely help the user for neighbor lookup.

It works as a private investigator who searches through the database and finds everything related to the address which the user has entered. Hence, users can get the target’s address history, employment history, licenses, and criminal history through it.

If the user is worried about the people buying or renting a property in his surrounding, he can use the app for assistance. A reverse address lookup will tell the user all the main facts about both the owner and the tenants at that particular address.

Assistances of Intelius:

  1. The application is among the most affordable ones, and hence, anyone can reach it.
  2. If the target has some criminal background, the application makes a criminal record report, which includes offense type, date, court name, case number, and outcome of the charges.
  3. It is a mobile application for both iOS and Android users.
  4. The software provides unlimited full background checks with a subscription.


  1. Its pricing and trial options are confusing to users.

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5. Addresses

Addresses is another reverse address lookup that helps to find information about the current residents of the target, former residents, or property owner of a home or business using a specific street address. It only requires the user to type in the target’s address. The application can provide you with your neighbor’s criminal history and lawsuits against him.

To get exact information, you have to be sure about the house number, street name, zip code, and city name of the target.

With addresses, you get a full address history composed of information from public records. With just a street address, the user can know about the neighborhood in which it is located.


  1. It shows the former living areas of the target person.
  2. Addresses also inform about local businesses, schools, and local demographics nearby.


  1. It has sneaky price practices with a “one-time report” option.

6. ZabaSearch

ZabaSearch is a reverse address lookup service that helps to find people, their criminal offenses, identity, and other employment histories through just their residential data. The app does not demand any credit card or registration. If your target person is involved in any criminal performance, lawsuits, or court proceedings, the application will show it to you. You can also know his age and date of birth with ZabaSearch.

The reverse address lookup service discovers the complete history of the target, such as the school, colleges, and university where the target has studied.

Key points of ZabaSearch:

  1. The application has high accuracy in displaying background data of the target.
  2. It also discovers the location of the office where the target is doing his business with complete detail of employees.

Shortcomings of ZabaSearch:

  1. It does not provide unlimited background checks. 

7. Infotracer

Infotracer offers a completely free reverse address lookup. The reverse address number lookup service allows the user to enter an unknown address. It, then, gives all information like the target’s name, his friends and family, and his former addresses. The application lets the user find a list of names of people who live and have lived at a specific address.

It will take just a minute to gather all the names and give the user the list of all current/past residents and a list of the target’s relatives. However, it does not compile the background history of the target. The application enables people to find information about the titleholder of a specific building or land with a quick address search.

Helpful features:

  1. The application lets the user find a list of names of people who live and have lived at a specific address.
  2. The software has an easy-to-navigate interface that makes it easy to search and find data.

Drawbacks of Infotracer:

  1. This software does not have many satisfying reviews from the users.

8. Spokeo

Spokeo is a reverse address lookup website that completely summarizes the target’s identity and details into an easy-to-understand report for the user.

It assists people to find out who is calling and enables them to decide the best course of action. It provides the identity of the target through the given address. The information it reveals by the address contains the target’s identity, his background details, relatives, and the worth of his home.

The application also accesses social media accounts, including photos, dating profiles, and many more. It also accesses the target’s personal business details like estimated income, property ownership, and interests.

Advantages of Spokeo:

  1. It allows the user to Identify criminals living in their neighborhood area.
  2. Spokeo has a wide range of users that trust it and find background details of their target.

Disadvantages of Spokeo:

  1. The app shows very confusing pricing and trial details.

9. That’sThem

That’sThem is a free reverse address lookup website that allows you to find a target using the accurate address of the place where he lives and the state code. All searches are done on that they are anonymous, so the target will never be notified of the user’s search.

The reverse address lookup service of this app asks you to enter the home address of the target. It then finds out the criminal history of the target.

It gives the whole households’ contact information with estimated home value as well. If the user is looking for geographic details associated with a specific IP, then That’sThem’s free IP lookup service provides the most accurate IP data.

Benefits of That’sThem:

  1. It helps people find the information of houses using that’s them’s free address lookup.
  2. It has the most accurate IP data in the IP lookup service.

Problem with That’sThem:

  1.  It does not have up-to-date information about people’s backgrounds. 

10. SpyDialer

SpyDialer has an interface that offers 4 different types of lookup services. It offers you to add the target’s house address or the name written over his residence. If you don’t have it, you can still run a lookup service on him through his phone number or email address.

With this application, you can know who is living in the neighborhood. The app also allows you to confirm the identity and relatives of your tenants.  Although, the app has no policy of showing the background history of people. SpyDialer is totally free of cost and works like a google search where the user just has to enter any input in order to see results.

Plus points:

  1. The application has various options to show search results about the target.
  2. This software does not let the target know about the searches that the user has made on him.


  1. The app only works inside the United States of America and is unable to show any information of people outside the USA.


This article has shown the complete detail of the 10 best reverse address lookup applications to find people by their name, phone number, email address, and home address. The applications also offer other various features such as business details, employment history, family and friends’ detail. Anyone looking for accurate and detailed information related to address lookup apps would get awareness by this review.

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