Mar 17th, 2021

For a while now we have been hearing rumors that Samsung may or may not have killed off its Note series. It has been a bit confusing, especially when devices like the Galaxy S21 got S Pen support, a feature that used to be exclusive to the Note lineup, but the good news is that the Note family of phones isn’t quite dead yet.

Before you get too excited, though, there is some bad news and that is while the Note lineup hasn’t been killed off, don’t expect to see a new model launched this year. This is according to Samsung’s mobile chief Koh Dong Jin who in an annual shareholder’s meeting revealed that due to a shortage in chip supply, the company could be looking to skip the 2021’s Note handset. According to Koh:

“Note series is positioned as a high-end model in our business portfolio. It could be a burden to unveil two flagship models in a year so it might be difficult to release Note model in 2H. The timing of Note model launch can be changed but we seek to release a Note model next year.”

Based on Koh’s comments, it sounds like the Note series is very much alive and well, and the mention of a possible launch in 2022 means that the company could keep on making the phone. It is entirely possible that things could change in the coming months, but until we hear otherwise, it’s probably best to not get your hopes up just yet.

Source: Bloomberg

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