We could be seeing the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch Active 4 later this year


Last month, we started seeing rumors ramp up suggesting that Samsung would be ditching its own TizenOS in favor of Wear OS for the company’s next smartwatch. Now, we have a better idea of what smartwatches are on the way, along with a potential time frame for a release.

@UniverseIce was the one to originally stir the pot by claiming that Samsung will use Android to replace Tizen with “Samsung’s new watch”, but that was pretty much it. The Galaxy Watch 3 is not all-that-old, as it was introduced back in August of last year, but it seems that Samsung is already gearing up to launch a successor with the Galaxy Watch 4.

Another wearable is in line to see an upgrade, and that’s the Galaxy Watch Active 2. The Watch Active 2 is arguably the best smartwatch for many, combining a great user experience along with plenty of health sensors and a lightweight and slim design and profile. But if @UniverseIce is to be believed, Samsung will also be releasing the Galaxy Watch Active 4 along with the Watch 4.

The updated Watch Active 4 comes as no surprise, as the original smartwatch was released way back in September of 2019. There have been rumors surrounding a potential successor, but none of those have come to fruition as of yet. And if it seems odd that Samsung will be skipping the Watch Active 3, it’s really more about unifying the Galaxy Watch brands, to avoid any confusion for consumers when deciding between these upcoming smartwatches.

So as for the time frame, it seems that Samsung will be announcing and/or launching both the Galaxy Watch Active 4 and Watch 4 sometime in Q2 2021. This means we could see two new smartwatches launched as soon as April, although we wouldn’t be surprised to see a later launch closer to sometime in June.


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