Mar 8th, 2021

Companies like Apple and Samsung have started to ditch the included charger with their smartphones. The argument is that it’s better for the environment, plus users more than likely have their own USB-based charger. Others might argue corporate greed, but it seems that this is a trend that will most likely pick up.

If you’re eyeing the upcoming OnePlus 9, then rest assured because according to the company’s co-founder and CEO, Pete Lau, he has confirmed that the upcoming phone will indeed be bundled with a charger. This is great news for people who might be worried that they will need to spend extra to get the charger, or feel that they might be “ripped off”.

We should note that OnePlus isn’t one to quickly hop on board the bandwagon when it comes to certain smartphone trends. For the longest time, OnePlus had stayed away from including wireless charging with its smartphones, with Lau previously claiming that its charging technology was fast enough so you didn’t necessarily need to keep your phone plugged in for too long.

The company had also previously kept the 3.5mm headphone jack around a lot longer than the competition, which actually worked in their favor for those who still preferred wired headphones. In any case, if you are considering the OnePlus 9, then the inclusion of the charger is one less thing to worry about.

Source: XDA Developers

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