6 Tips to Create Code More Quickly


The computer programming profession is rated as one of the eight most stressful jobs in the technology sector. Fortunately, the stress can be minimized by understanding some of the most common issues and taking the steps to rectify them.

Handling Coding Tasks More Efficiently as a Developer

Are you a professional computer programmer? You can find that the tasks that you are entrusted with can become very tedious. It is important to know how to write code as efficiently as possible. This will improve your job security and minimize the frustrations that you encounter throughout your career.

This can be particularly important if you are creating highly complex programs, such as ones that can read SMS messages from your desktop. Here are some very effective ways to become a more efficient programmer.

Take advantage of the right developer tools

There are a ton of great developer tools that can make the development process much easier. Some of these platforms, such as Docker, have been proven to be remarkably effective at helping make the coding process a lot more efficient. A Docker registry can make a big difference to many developers. 

One of the great things about Docker is that it makes use of containers. These modules enable you to create highly secure code a lot more efficiently. This is one of the reasons that there were more than 3.5 million applications that were developed with this platform in 2018.

A lot of these tools also have the ability to connect with other third-party development applications. This is one of the biggest benefits of using DevOps technology.

Try writing code by hand to perfect your skills

You may think that you will be a proficient coder merely because you know the fundamentals. The harsh reality is that new programmers are going to be clumsy with their coding practices at first.

Coding Dojo is one of the organizations that recommends writing code by hand. This helps you perfect your practices so that you can minimize silly mistakes. When you are creating code by hand, you can’t easily go back and change your syntax errors. You will end up knowing how to create much more elegant and error-free code in the process. Later, you could use a dev kit instead. 

Develop a thorough understanding of the nature of the problem first

You can’t create a high-quality program without a thorough understanding of the process that you were trying to solve. You will end up creating code with the wrong end-points in mind.

This probably sounds like ridiculously easy advice. Sadly, it is surprising how many programmers neglect to accurately understand the nuances of the program objectives before writing the code. They may have to spend countless hours unnecessarily revising their code afterward.

You should work closely with other project coordinators to accurately grasp the project requirements. This will significantly reduce the time involved in fixing programming mistakes down the road. In addition to understanding the requirements of the project, you should take some time to learn more about your users. You will have an easier time creating a functional application if you know how they will interact with it.

Participate in developer communities to learn more about new libraries

Open-source communities are constantly developing new libraries that will help streamline the development process. The right libraries can cut your coding time down drastically.

You should join the leading developer communities to become more aware of these new libraries and the benefits that they offer. You will also stay abreast on new developments with these open-source platforms.

Practice good sleep hygiene habits

You need to be well-rested in order to code efficiently. Poor sleep significantly impairs your cognitive functioning. You will both take more time to write code and be more prone to making mistakes. You also have a harder time editing your code after mistakes are made.

You should try to minimize the time that you spend in front of a bright screen in the evening. You should also exercise as much as possible to burn off any pent-up energy that could make sleep more difficult. Finally, you should avoid using weird sleep packs like the Uberman sleep schedule. They may sound tempting, but they invariably reduce the amount of REM sleep that you get.

Get other people to review your code

A fresh pair of eyes can go along way towards helping you identify coding mistakes. This will reduce the amount of time that you spend debugging.

However, it is important to make sure that you choose the right person to review your code. Some people aren’t very good at catching mistakes.

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