How to Search and Analyze Competitors on Instagram


Instagram has turned into a commercial social media platform for many businesses and entrepreneurs. It is powerful enough to attract a loyal audience to a particular brand or influencer. But if you want to draw attention to your Instagram channel, you will face a lot of competition in your industry. You must implement the necessary strategies to overcome the competition and stand out amongst them all.

Competitive analysis is the key to overcoming the competition. There are several tools available to search and analyze your competitors’ content on Instagram, such as their hashtags, likes, views, etc. As you study this information, you can form content creation strategies to produce better content and stand out from the competition.  

Your first instinct might be to buy real Instagram likes for your posts
Stormlikes. Although that would be a good start, you eventually need to analyze what your competition is doing and then do it better. That is only possible if you understand how to conduct a competitive analysis and take advantage of the information that you learn from it. 

Let’s explore how to search for your competitors on Instagram and analyze their content. 

1. Listen to Your Followers

You have to expect your Instagram followers are following your competition too. Sometimes your followers can be the best sources of information regarding your competitors. They will let you know it based on the comments left on your Instagram posts.

For instance, if your followers don’t like one of your Instagram posts, they will leave negative comments about why they don’t like it. They might even make comparisons between your content and another user’s content, such as a competitor. If they don’t make this comparison, you can reply to their comments and ask them for examples of someone else with better content. 

Your followers will basically serve as your unofficial consultants. Collaborate with them regularly and try to get as much information out of them as possible about your competition. 

2. Follow Your Competition

One of the most incredible Instagram competitive analysis tools is the “Follow” button. If you were to follow your competitors on Instagram, you would receive updates on all their latest content in your feed. Then you could study this content in real-time as it is published and obtain ideas for your content creations.

You’ll notice that you will be introduced to three other competitors with similar content whenever you follow an Instagram account. Instagram gives you this opportunity to discover more competitors and follow them as well. Do not be afraid to follow your competition because it lets you learn what they are doing immediately. 

Another way to find competitors is through hashtag searches. If you use your Instagram analytics tool to discover trending hashtags in your niche, you can discover more competitors who use the same hashtags.  

3. Social Insider

Social Insider is a third-party competitive analysis tool for Instagram. It gives you all the necessary analytical information about any competitor that you want. There is no easier way to keep tabs on your competitors. 

When you have Social Insider activated, you’ll need to add the Instagram profiles of your competitors. You can do that with the “Add Social Profile” button positioned at the top of the page. Click this button and then click the “Instagram Competitors’ Business Profiles” link. Now enter the URL link of the Instagram profile that belongs to your competitor. Click the word “Verify” to finish. 

The last step is to add a profile to a new project. Choose the period of time you would like for the profile scan and click on “Add Instagram Business Profile.” You will be presented with all kinds of helpful information about the competitor, such as their top hashtags, engagement rates, the total number of comments, total number of likes, total number of published posts, and total number of followers. 

4. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is another popular competitor analysis tool for comparing yourself to other competitors. It saves you time from visiting each competitor’s Instagram page and studying the information on them. Instead, you can generate competitive reports with the Sprout Social platform to analyze and enhance your social media strategy. You can also use the software for Facebook and Twitter as well. 

New users are required to pay a monthly fee for using the tool. The lowest price is $99 per month for the Standard Plan. This lets you monitor profiles, locations, and keywords. Then you can generate daily reports and review them to stay informed about what your competition is doing. 

5. KeywordTool.io

One of the best social media keyword search tools on the internet is KeywordTool.io. You can search for the most popular keywords used from all the greatest websites, such as YouTube, Google, eBay, Amazon, Bing, Twitter, and Instagram. 

When you arrive on the homepage, you’ll see a search box with several different tags on it. Each tag above the search box represents one of these websites. Click on the “Instagram” tag and enter a keyword that you’d like to search. The results page will offer you several different keywords based on the one you provided. 

The results page lists the hashtags and how many active posts contain those hashtags in them. Scan through the keyword lists carefully, which range from most posts to least posts. Choose the best keywords associated with your business or niche. Then you can discover new channels of people who post content with those keywords in them.  

6. Instagram Analytics

Instagram Analytics is a handy analytical tool that comes from the social media platform itself. It gives you statistical information about your videos, such as the level of activity caused by your followers. The feature is found on business profiles only. Just choose the Insights tab on your Instagram mobile app to access the analytics. 

Now study and record your Instagram content data. Compare it to the data retrieved about other competitors to see where you stand with them.  For instance, if you used third-party software to retrieve analytical data about others, it would help to have that information. Then you could see where your strengths and weaknesses are compared to your competition. 


You will have competition wherever you go, so Instagram is no exception. But if you can learn how to search and analyze Instagram competitors, you’ll be the one who people follow the most rather than the other way around. You’ll retrieve the knowledge necessary to gain a competitive advantage and conquer your competitors. 

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