Jan 26th, 2021

With smartphones increasing in size every year, Samsung Displays has been focusing a lot of research on reducing the power consumption of its displays. Reducing the display resolution as we’ve seen on the Galaxy S21 and S21+ will reduce the amount of power consumed by the display, but Samsung is also claiming a 16% boost in efficiency for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra’s display.

The new panel technology features a novel organic material that dramatically increases the luminous efficiency by reducing electron impedance and allowing them to flow faster across the display’s organic layers, resulting in a brighter display while consuming 16% less power. 

The display on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra also delivers a dynamic refresh rate that ranges from 10Hz to 120Hz. While most people immediately fixate on the 120Hz number, the 10Hz is quite crucial for improved battery life as well since the display will dynamically adjust to the lower refresh rate when it senses that its pixels don’t need to be refreshed as fast. This typically comes into play when you are reading static content on a page without interacting with it.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra may be the first smartphone to feature these new display technologies, but we should see quite a few more in the coming months. Like most other Samsung Display products, the panels will be made available to its partners and will likely be featured in quite a few high-end devices this year.

Source: Samsung


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