Google Hacking: What You Need to Know


We are all familiar with Google’s ever-famous search engine. We use it daily, looking for helpful information. However, what you might not have known is that hackers can also use Google’s search engine to exploit unknowing users. They use methods such as power searching to sift through all Google data and collect information about potential victims. 

Google Dorking has many different shapes and forms, and it can impact one’s privacy in many different ways. In this article, we will go in-depth about common security issues associated with Google Dorking. Also, we will learn how to protect ourselves from these threats.

What Is Google Dorking and How Can It Hurt Users?

Google Dorking is performed by utilizing one of many different specialized search methods. It also uses specific advanced search engine parameters. Using these techniques, hackers can even get access to confidential information. 

In the cybersecurity domain, individuals who perform penetration tests often use similar techniques to find loopholes and any potential vulnerabilities. Without further ado, let’s see what hackers can do thanks to Google Dorking.

1. Breaking into Security Cameras

Using a set of master keywords, hackers can penetrate many live feed security cameras. Unless protected, the firmware in these cameras is vulnerable, hence why the hackers can do so much damage with this simple code line.

Tip: Make sure to disable the Remote Online Monitoring feature when it’s not in use. That’s how you can ensure that all your cameras are protected at all times. When this feature is in use, make sure to add a strong password before each login attempt.

2. Hacking Computer Web Cameras

Just like security cameras, by using specific master keywords, hackers can also access unprotected web cameras. A handful of cases were discovered where hackers spied on individuals’ private web cameras thanks to this exploit.

Tip: Make sure to frequently update all software, including your web camera. Also, make sure to enable your firewall. The most straightforward advice, though, is to at least use webcam protection stickers and have them on when you’re not using your webcam.

3. Compromising Vulnerable Websites

Insecure websites, often made in WordPress, are vulnerable to SQL injections. These websites are very easy to identify for hackers through Google Dorking techniques. One option is to write ‘’;’’ at the end of the URL. They can also try to access a website’s database and steal all sorts of valuable data, such as payment information, addresses, names, etc.

Tip: Use tools that can run pre-populated dork queries. This will locate unprotected sensitive information on your website if there is any. Moreover, never index sensitive pages on Google. Lastly, use robots.txt to stop them from indexing your website automatically.

4. Hacking Routers

Hackers can also use these advanced searches and Dorking techniques to penetrate the victim’s Wi-Fi router. This can be a very serious privacy breach. If you have a smart home, then most of your devices would use the same Wi-Fi router. This enables hackers to control various parts of your home, such as lights, heating, locks, etc. 

Tip: It is imperative to update the firmware whenever there’s a security update. Moreover, you should always use strong passwords. They should contain a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as numbers and symbols. When it comes to protocols, we strongly recommend WPA2. It’s quite tricky and time-consuming to crack.

5. Obtaining Personal Documents and Information

Last but not least, hackers can also use search queries to gain access to unprotected sensitive data. These queries enable them to locate confidential payment and banking information, customer information, and much more.

Tip: Don’t publish sensitive information online, ever. If you, for some reason, have to do so, make sure to encrypt it beforehand and put password protection.

Have You Heard of Shodan?

Google is a fantastic resource for gathering information. However, it can also be dangerous if this information falls into the wrong hands. There is an even more significant threat to consider – Shodan Search Engine. Shodan searches through the back-end of the internet, and it even allows individuals to look for various hacking exploits. Through these back channels, hackers can gain access to all sorts of information, which is why you should do everything in your power to protect it.

You can remedy this potential threat by using tools such as VPNs. A VPN is a great tool that acts as a gateway between the user and the internet. It encrypts all internet traffic and makes sure that no one can intercept any information that goes through.

Installing a VPN in combination with other tips and tricks we’ve mentioned above should be more than enough to protect you from Google Dorking. Make sure to be regular with updates and be careful what you post online. 

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