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‘Is CocoFinder the best people search service out there?’ This is a commonly asked question due to CocoFinder’s popularity in the field of services aimed at finding information about people.

There are a lot of people who look forward to using these services. This is why, before you try it out for yourself, you must know the answer to the question posed above.

Here is a detailed overview of CocoFinder and whether or not you should use this service to find information on anyone. Through this overview, you will finally know if CocoFinder is worth using or just another fake app out there.

What is CocoFinder

CocoFinder is a service used to find information on a person based on their name, address, phone number, or any other detail you have on that person. It offers a number of search options to you, which include:

  • Name based Search: Search for anyone by using their first name and last name. Enter their city and state if you want to narrow your search results.
  • Reverse Phone Number Lookup: Do a reverse phone lookup by entering a phone number. Find the identity of unknown phone numbers through this method.
  • Email Search: Find the online profiles linked with any email address. Use this feature to know about the social accounts that a person uses.
  • Address Lookup: Get a person’s detailed report just by entering their address. This feature is useful when you want to find out information about your neighbors.
  • Background Check: Get a detailed report on a person with their entire criminal history, arrest records, employment records, and more.

Is CocoFinder Legit?

Yes, CocoFinder is a completely legit and safe people search service to use. It provides information from public sources without breaching any laws. It even tells you dos and don’ts to use the information legally.

CocoFinder Use Cases

Getting in touch with people from the past: CocoFinder can provide you with contact information about any person. You can use this to get in touch with your friends you knew years ago.

Finding information about suspicious people: The world is not a safe place and you might meet someone suspicious without knowing they are dangerous. You can learn if they have a criminal past or if the things they say about them are lies with CocoFinder search.

Doing your own Background Check: Background check feature provides a detailed report on any person, including you. You can use this feature to find out what is publicly visible in your background, and if you would like any of the information to be removed.

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Ensuring a Safe Neighborhood: To keep your family safe, you need to ensure that the people living around you are safe for you. Use CocoFinder to learn about the background of each person near you and to find out if any person is on the sex offender’s list.

Identity of Missed Callers: You can know details about the phone numbers from which you get missed calls. Enter the phone number and search for it. CocoFidner will tell you who owns the number and where they live.

How CocoFinder Works?

CocoFinder is quite accurate as compared to other such services you will find on the internet in the same area. This is because it utilizes a very highly efficient and reliable working process.

CocoFinder is linked to countless public records databases, made of the verified information collected from people. When you search for a person using CocoFinder, you are basically searching through these databases.

Once a matching result is found in the database for your search query, you are shown the complete profile of the person. From here you can request additional information and background check on the person.

Benefits of CocoFinder Search Over Other Alternatives

There are many things that CocoFinder offers better than other alternatives you can use for the same purpose. Some of these things include:

Bigger Databases: CocoFinder has more entries than any other people search service you will find. This means that there is a higher chance of finding someone you are looking for through CocoFinder, as compared to other such alternatives.

Genuine Service: Many other people finder services use scare tactics and marketing gimmicks to lure you into doing a search through them. For example, they will tell you the person you search has a scary criminal background, even when it is not true.

However, CocoFinder uses no such tactic. It genuinely searches for the person you are looking for, as simple as that.

Convenient Interface: Doing a search through CocoFinder is the easiest thing you can think of. Just enter your query and hit the Search button. CocoFinder will do the rest of the job and give you all the information there is to know about them. There are no ads and no surveys required to do this.

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How to Get Your Information Removed From People Search?

If you would like any of your information or your profile removed from CocoFinder’s people search service, you can contact CocoFinder to do it for you. You can visit the remove my info page to know more about it.


CocoFinder is a great people finder tool, the one you can trust without any doubts. Search for any person, phone number, address, or email ID through CocoFinder. You are not going to be disappointed with it in any way.

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