How to File a Complaint Against Large Companies


Taking on a big corporation is not just something you see in movies or television shows. It is something that real people do every day in their quest to find justice, resolution, or compensation. Just because these companies are massive does not mean you don’t deserve those results either.

If you have been wronged by a large company through mistreatment, poor service or products, or any kind of misdeed against you or others, you can always fight back. In doing so, you would get what you rightfully pay for in the first place. Following these steps, you can file a complaint against a big company and find a resolution to your problems.

1. Explore Your Options

When it comes to filing complaints against big companies, you have plenty of options. You can write bad reviews, you can take to social media, you can send a direct email, letter, or phone call to the company, or you can find outside services to do the work for you. The experts at Complain.biz say that this could be an option if you are worried about doing it yourself, and many people feel this way. The direct option of mailing to a company can be intimidating, but as you see, there are a lot of ways to air your grievance against these corporations.

2. Choose One That Seems Most Effective

Picking out of those options is a whole different matter. Not every option is going to be as good as the next because some might be dismissed. When you call to complain, they might give you to run around on the phone with customer service, and the same may happen if you complain through social media. Direct emails to higher-ups can help bypass this, same with services that help make complaints for you. You want to find an effective option that will actually let your voice be heard on the matter.

3. Gather Your Reasons and Evidence

You don’t want to make a call or complaint without having a solid foundation of evidence or reasons to back-up your claims. You could just end up sounding like everyone else on the internet or over the customer service line that has grievances with this company. You want to write out a justified and measured response that shows how they have impacted you. Maybe it was a faulty product that didn’t end up living up to your expectations, or maybe it was that their service at a location was atrocious. You want to write or compose a thoughtful complaint, not just an emotional one.

4. Contact a Legal Authority

 If you, and many others, are experiencing numerous problems with this company you can try to take these matters through legal channels. Your state attorney general is a surprising source of legal authority that could help you if there are numerous complaints against the same company from your area/state. If you have a serious complaint, like injuries, mistreatment, etc. by a company, you could potentially have a lawsuit on your hands against them. Otherwise, you may not need to go this route if the complaint wasn’t overly serious.

5. Start a Group Petition

Before you had to start class action lawsuits for people to notice a cause but now you can start simple petitions online to gather plenty of people who are experiencing similar issues as you regarding a company. Starting a petition is easy, but you need to find a good site to start one on and spread the word, likely through social media or message boards. A good broad petition can help add legitimacy to you, and other’s complaints because companies can’t afford bad PR in 2020, so they will need to address their customers or clients if they become a collective in this manner.

6. Maintain Your Civility 

The last step you need to know is more of a general piece of advice when making complaints. You don’t want to go into your complaint with anger and a bad attitude. Yes, you probably were slighted and do have a legitimate reason to be aggravated, but expressing that anger and those emotions won’t get you very far if you are writing a scathing email or letter filled with expletives, or screaming on the phone. Be calm and approach it with a reasonable attitude and you are more likely to get far with that complaint.

Big companies slight people day in and day out. Sometimes it is unintentional and sometimes it could be that they just don’t care. The point is that you are often caught in the crossfire of misdoings, which means you need to have your voice heard. Following these steps, you can express this dissatisfaction in a productive manner. If done properly, this process can help you be more experienced in dealing with your specific needs that aren’t fulfilled by the company rendering a said service.

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