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The world is ever-changing and convenience is what we look for in all things that we do and want to do. The same can be said about depositing cash into an online casino account to get playing safely and with ease. The use of physical credit and debit cards is becoming obsolete. Nearly 2 billion people in the world use a smartphone powered by Android technology and with millions of apps available in the Google Playstore, payment apps are here to change the way we pay. 

If you have never used a mobile payment app before, then your life is about to change. As easily as you take out your phone to check your feed or shop online using more and more banking options right from your palm. In a world where we are trying to make things as contactless as possible, mobile payment apps have made it so much easier. You no longer have to take your plastic card and swipe, insert or tap to pay for your coffee. All you need is your phone to open up a world of new possibilities. 

Google payment app

The use of e-wallets and payment apps are booming in Canada, so don’t get left behind. You have been to the Play Store before head over and download one of the tried and trusted apps. Make sure to check what you have pre-loaded on your smartphone because you might already have a payment app and all you need to do is enter your information. 

Speaking of having a pre-loaded app, you may want to look out for Google Pay or Samsung Pay depending on the model of your device. With either of these apps, it enables you to use your existing Interac account, add your account information to the payment app and you are good to go. You can get playing at your favorite casino in no time, directly from your device. 

Useful and safe e-wallets to try

1. Muchbetter


When you get to the Google Playstore, check out MuchBetter. A handy e-wallet that offers you a chance to create an account for free and the only time you get charged, a minimal fee, is when you deposit or withdraw from your account. The app is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) UK, so your safety is assured. As a bonus, when you deposit money into your online casino account, you earn unique points and the more points you have, the bigger the chance of you winning a prize in the weekly MuchBetter raffle. MuchBetter is available on Google Play via the below link:

Download on Muchbetter from the Play Store

2. Jeton

Another trusty app to try out is called Jeton Wallet. Jeton is a licensed e-wallet that is UK based and also regulated by the FCA and is set up for maximum security. You will have the option to deposit and withdraw in more than 50 currencies and 70 different payment methods. Those payment methods even include various cryptocurrencies and are free to register as well. If you want to try out Jeton, check out the link to Google Play:

Download Jeton from the Plat Store

3. EcoPayz

Finally, there is EcoPayz, which is one of the most established e-wallets out there. Once the app is downloaded, register and deposit your money. There are no credit checks and transacting is easy and with minimal and transparent transaction fees. If you like, you could use ecoPayz as a regular bank and apply to get yourself a physical card as well, but we reckon you are here to save the turtles from plastic, so just keep it simple. Log into your online casino account from your phone, enter your ecoPayz information and transact directly from your phone as well. 

Download EcoPayz from the Play Store

4. Interac

Last but not least, Interac the Canadian favorite among all digital options with an astonishing usage rate of 1 in 4 Canadians. Interac debit can easily be integrated with Google Pay and used for digital real-time payments either via app or from the browser for those who choose not to add another app to their phones. Interac Online and e-transfer has had tremendous success in the online casino sector, being one of the pioneers in handling transactions to and from this industry which is often restricted as to depositing and withdrawing with traditional banking methods. A casino acceting Interac is also known as Gigadat Casino in gaming jargon, after the payment processor. If you want to see what the fuss is all check out the link below:

Download Interac from the Play Store

Ease of access

Companies and payment apps like the ones mentioned above are focused on making payments safe and easy. So, whether it’s a night out, a coffee date or enjoying some gameplay on your favorite online casinos like Jackpot City, Spin Casino, Genesis Casino or Royal Vegas, to name a few, all of them accept the payment methods described. 

We reckon you don’t want to be left in the dust, so get out your plastic card, load your details into your payment app and transact safely, with low fees and the highest levels of enjoyment and convenience. Payment apps and contactless payments are the way of the future and you hold the key, or android device, to making your world a safer and more convenient place to live and play. 

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