Nov 23rd, 2020

When it comes to smartphone development, as with most product development, it probably undergoes several changes to its features and design and its specs. This is something you’ll want to keep in mind because recently leaked renders shared by @OnLeaks on Voice have revealed a potential design for the OnePlus 9.

We say potential because according to the post, it seems that OnePlus is still prototyping the handset at this point in time, meaning that there is a chance that this design we’re looking at could change upon its release. It is also possible that it could remain the same, but either way it’s still interesting to see what OnePlus could be up to.

As for the current render we’re looking at, it seems that OnePlus is sticking with curved displays along the edge of the phone, even though companies like Samsung have kind of given up on it. Overall, the design is kind of reminiscent of the OnePlus 8T, with a similar-looking camera module and the front-facing hole-punch camera, with the main difference being its curved display.

@OnLeaks claims that the phone will feature a 6.7-inch screen which makes it slightly larger than the OnePlus 8T, and also notes that the phone could be announced in March 2021. Right now there are probably fans who are excited to learn more about the handset, but it looks like we’ll have a bit of waiting to do.

Source: @OnLeaks

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