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Fundamental Features of a Home Security System


You lock the doors, close the windows, and rely on the family dog to guard your home. But is that good enough to keep your family and property safe? Home security systems are essential for protecting your home from break-ins, fire, and even flooding. If you are searching for the best home security companies, start with the following basic features:

  1. Cameras. Security cameras are useful for monitoring activity outside and inside your home. If the worst were to happen, you’d want to know who did it. This device can help you and the authorities identify the suspect and arrest them. Just ensure that you place them in areas that will give you the widest viewing ranges. Installing a security camera may also reduce your homeowner’s insurance premium.

  2. Alarm Sensors. These devices send signals to the alarm panel when detecting events that differ from the usual working environment. The most common types include magnetic switches for your doors and windows. You will also find that motion detection devices are a standard option. Other systems also have glass break sensors and fire and smoke alarms. Nowadays, carbon monoxide detectors and water sensors to detect flooding are available too. Alarm sensors need an uninterrupted power supply, so back-up batteries are often necessary.

  3. Wireless Monitoring. Home security alarm systems let you know what’s going on at home, even when you’re not there. The best setup should provide you with complete control over your property. This is possible through cutting-edge remote monitoring capabilities. Modern alarm systems let you view your property using a smartphone, tablet, or computer from anywhere in the world. These alarms can be armed and disarmed remotely. Some designs even have video doorbells, allowing you to answer your front door through an intercom system. Professional monitoring is also an option should you prefer a call center to be notified first and alert the emergency responders.

  4. Smart Home Integration. Besides common household appliances, you can integrate automation with your alarm system at home. The cutting-edge predictive technology allows for remote monitoring and management of your doorbells, locks, lights, speakers, security cameras, heating, and air conditioning. A smart home hub will be great for collecting various communications from different smart home devices. This way, you have complete monitoring across your entire home. Home automation is not only convenient but also great in improving safety and security. 

What If Your New Home Is Already Equipped With a Security System?

If you’re moving into a new home with an existing alarm system, you have three possible options:

  1. Activation. If you decide to use the program, call the security provider to activate it. Just ensure that you change any codes or account information associated with the system. \

  2. Updating. You may also talk to the specialist about your options to update or upgrade the already-installed home security system. Don’t forget to ask about pricing and any other additional cost.

  3. Replacement. If you opt for a brand-new security system, research and shop around for the best company that can meet your needs, priorities, and budget. There may be restrictions or additional requirements when switching to another service provider. See to it that you are informed of any limitations. 

Homes with no security systems are high on a burglar’s list. You’ll never know when your home could be the next target. Installing an alarm system will help protect your loved ones and your property. Now that you have the essential features to include in your home security system, you can now start hunting for the ideal home security system company. Rest assured that this will be one of the best decisions for you and your family. The peace of mind and sense of security the right provider will bring is just priceless. 

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