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The Eufy Omni S1 Pro is its most advanced robot vacuum to date


Eufy is no stranger when it comes to robot vacuums. But the company has recently announced the launch of its latest robot vacuum, the Eufy Omni S1 Pro, which looks like it might be their most advanced robot vacuum so far.

At its core, the Eufy Omni S1 Pro has a suction power of 8,000Pa. This is strong enough to pretty much vacuum up whatever dirt and debris is on your floor. But it looks like Eufy is focusing more on the robot vacuum’s mopping function.

A focus on mopping

Mopping is a feature we’re seeing on more robot vacuums these days. With the Omni S1 Pro, Eufy has equipped it with a TurboWash Roller Mop. The company claims that it is the longest roller mop in its class at 290mm and can rotate at speeds of up to 170 RPM. It also exerts a downward force of 10N, allowing the mop head to really dig deep into your floors and scrub it clean.

The robot vacuum comes with two separate water tanks. One tank can be used to house clean water mixed with a cleaning solution, and the other is to keep the wastewater. There’s also an Eco-Clean Ozone feature that uses tap water to produce ozone which is then used to sanitize the floor and the robot’s components. The mop head can also automatically raise itself when it detects a carpet so it won’t get it wet.

Other features that users can look forward to include a 3D MatrixEye Depth Perception System and TrueCourse Mapping, both of which will help the Omni S1 Pro navigate your home with ease.

Pricing & availability

If you are interested in the Eufy Omni S1 Pro, the company is launching it on Kickstarter on the 28th of March. The robot vacuum will retail for $1,499, but if you pledge to its Kickstarter, there are various rewards and discounts such as:

  • Super Early Bird-S1 Pro: 40% off MSRP
  • Early Bird-S1 Pro: 33% off MSRP
  • Early Bird-S1 Pro + Accessory Kit 1 (worth $1699.99): 33% off MSRP
  • Early Bird-S1 Pro + Accessory Kit 2 (worth $1899.99): 33% off MSRP
  • Early Bird-S1 Pro 2 pack (worth $2999.99): 37% off MSRP
  • Kickstarter Special-S1 Pro: 27% off MSRP
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