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AiDot releases first Matter-compatible air purifier alongside an updated lineup with Matter integration


Buying a smart home device can be a bit tricky. This is because the product you want might not be compatible with other smart home products. This doesn’t mean it doesn’t work, it just means that it becomes more complicated when you’re trying to set it up, control it, or create routines or group them together.

This is why the Matter protocol was created. This protocol was developed together with companies such as Apple, Google, Amazon, and more. It helps ensure interoperability between smart home devices. This is something that AiDot is pretty proud of as the company has gone all in with Matter and has put together a wide range of devices that will make your smart home smarter and even easier to use.

What is Matter?

Like we said earlier, choosing smart home products wasn’t so easy in the past. This is because if you wanted to be able to control it using a smart home platform like Apple’s HomeKit, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa, you had to make sure that the device you’re buying is compatible.

For example, you could choose a smart light bulb that works with Alexa and Google Assistant but not Apple HomeKit. Then you choose a smart doorbell that only works with HomeKit and not Alexa. This means that you’d have to juggle multiple apps if you wanted to use all your smart home devices.

Matter was created to simplify and unify smart home devices. By creating a unified standard, it means that as long as the product is Matter compatible, it doesn’t matter if you use Google Assistant, HomeKit, or Alexa, it will work. This is achieved in part by using IP-based connectivity versus proprietary protocols, so as long as you have a WiFi connection at home, setting up and connecting your Matter smart home devices will be easier.

AiDot goes all in on Matter

Matter sounds good on paper, but there are many existing smart home devices out there that haven’t been updated yet. If you’re thinking of putting together a smart home system of your own, AiDot could be a good place to start.

The company has pretty much gone all in with its smart home products supporting Matter. They actually offer a wide range of devices that will help you get started. This includes Matter compatible smart light bulbs, Matter compatible smart switches, Matter compatible smart plugs, and Matter compatible air purifiers.

What this means for users is that right out of the gate, they can rest assured that regardless of what platform they are using or choose to use in the future, they will still be able to control all their AiDot smart devices together. Even if you own a device from another brand, as long as it is Matter compatible, you can easily expand your smart home collection with AiDot’s offerings.

The company acknowledges that making its products compatible with Matter requires a substantial investment, but they know that in the end, the benefits outweigh the cost. It allows users to create a more lean smart home system without the need for third-party apps, cloud services, or annoying hubs.

Ultimately, it lowers the barrier to entry that will help aid in the creation of more smart homes of the future.

WELOV Matter P200 Pro Air Purifier

Connected to Google Home via AiDot app

To that end, the company has also announced that its sub-brand, WELOV, has launched the P200 Pro air purifier. This is actually the world’s first smart air purifier to adopt the Matter 1.2, which is still in the process of being adopted by most smart home platforms, making the WELOV P200 Pro air purifier future proof.

Matter 1.2 compatibility explained:

  1. From the perspective of device manufacturers, we must adhere to CSA standards and obtain relevant certifications. We have obtained the certificate, which means our devices comply with alliance standards and shows we’re the first Matter-enabled air purifier in the world.
  2. The ability of ecosystem partners to support new product categories and new SDKs(Software development kit) depends on their internal plans and strategies. For example, with the upcoming release of Matter 1.3, some brands are introducing new product categories that require support from new SDK versions. If ecosystem partners do not keep up in a timely manner, these new product categories will not be supported in the ecosystem. The air purifier product category requires the use of Matter 1.2 or higher versions of the SDK.
  3. The compatibility of Matter 1.2 will be rolled out in stages. SmartThings is expected to complete Matter 1.2 functionality by early June, while Apple Home, Google Home, and Alexa will be later than June. Please refer to official announcements for specific completion times.

That alone is actually pretty cool, but there are other features of the WELOV P200 Pro that could be worth considering if you’re looking for an air purifier in general.

It is quite a powerful air purifier where the company claims that it can clean the air in a 315 ft² room in just 12 minutes. It also works silently at 23dB at its quietest, so if you’re sensitive to sound, this could be the perfect air purifier for you. It provides users with information about their air quality through its app, and it also uses medical-grade HEPA filters to help combat allergies or asthma. Users can also opt to use different types of filters for different situations, like for pets or smoke. Plus the fact that it is Matter compatible means that you can easily set it up so that when you come home, you can automatically turn it on along with AiDot’s other smart devices like its light bulbs. How cool is that?

The WELOV P200 Pro also features a unique integration with Apple Health, allowing the air purifier’s Sleep Mode to sync up with your sleep patterns. This will allow the P200 Pro’s fans to ramp up while you’re in deep sleep and then reduce the fan speed and noise while you’re in a light sleep cycle. This should allow the air purifier to automatically adjust to your specific needs and ensure it doesn’t interrupt your sleep.


Ultimately, if you’re looking to give your home a smart upgrade, ensuring that you choose Matter compatible smart devices is a good choice for futureproofing and ease of setup and control. AiDot has made it a lot easier by releasing a wide-range of smart devices that are already Matter ready out of the box, so they might be worth checking out.

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[This article was written in collaboration with AiDot]

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