Controlling Your AC from Your Android Smartphone: Achieve Ultimate Comfort & Energy Savings


Until a few years back, no one had imagined that your mobile phone would be used for almost anything other than simple phone calls and text messages. But in the present day, your smartphone is much more than just a regular voice-call device! It’s everything that you need in this advanced world of technology.

You can achieve total connectivity now only with a few taps on your smartphone. This connectivity is not only with friends and family but is now also possible with home appliances! From smart switches and lights to washing machines and air conditioners, home appliances have become easy to reach from anywhere, at any time, all thanks to modern technology and IoT. The air conditioning industry is not left behind in this digital revolution and lies at the forefront of introducing smart cooling or heating to households across the world.

In fact, IoT is rapidly revolutionizing the HVAC industry!

Functions such as turning your air conditioner or heat pump on/off, selecting between different operating modes, changing temperatures, etc., can all now be performed easily using your smartphone. But this is not all, apart from the convenience brought about by these simple features you can utilize advanced triggers and put your heating or cooling on auto-pilot! This means that you can set location-based controls, weekly scheduling, intelligent modes, and more to help save energy and enhance your comfort! Moreover, you can connect your air conditioner to smart home platforms for voice control and enhanced automation!

Wondering how all this is done? You can either purchase a smart air conditioner or make a very small investment in smart AC controllers such as Cielo Breez smart AC controllers and convert any mini-split, portable, or window air conditioner into a smart AC!

Smart AC Controllers: Make Any Air Conditioner Smart

As evident from the name, smart AC controllers convert your previously “dumb” air conditioner to a “smart” air conditioner. They allow your air conditioner to connect to your WiFi network, and be controlled through your Android phone or any smartphone instead of a regular remote control. They also enable you to set intelligent cooling or heating commands!

Functioning as a bridge between the air conditioner and your Android smartphone, a smart AC controller connects to your AC through infrared, while it “talks” to the smartphone over WiFi. The commands are sent over to the controller through a free and user-friendly mobile application.

The Bridge: Android Mobile App

The point of contact between a user and the air conditioner is the mobile app. For the Cielo Breez range of devices, the Cielo Home app enables smart air conditioning controls. The app is available for free on the Google Play Store! It is easy to use and helps set intelligent modes and triggers. Moreover, you can also track your air conditioner’s usage and receive notifications when it’s time for maintenance.

Cielo Breez Smart AC Controllers – Features and Benefits

Cielo Breez Plus with on-device local controls and Cielo Breez Eco the more economical option, are your best choices for comfortable home cooling and heating with a ductless unit!

Stay Comfortable with Comfy Mode

An important feature of the Cielo ecosystem is the Comfy Mode. It helps achieve your desired room temperature and humidity levels. You can simply input your desired range and sit back and relax while your AC automatically turns on and off to maintain the perfect temperature. This also greatly helps save energy as your air conditioner does not run unnecessarily. Inbuilt sensors detect current room conditions, and if they fall above or below the specified range, Cielo Breez controllers command the air conditioner to operate as per pre-set modes to keep the room environment stable.

As an example, the comfy mode can be set between 72 and 76oF. If the temperature goes below 72oF, the AC turns off, and if above 76oF, it can into cooling mode. Fan speed, specific mode, swing position, and even schedules can be altered within the comfy mode. The procedure for maintaining comfortable humidity levels is exactly the same.

Making Life Easier with Weekly Scheduling

The week-long schedules with the Cielo Home app let you configure your air conditioning for the whole week at one time, and then allow you to be carefree! Schedules can be set up to run along with comfy mode to achieve ultimate convenience.

For instance, you can have a schedule to operate your AC in fan mode at 7 AM, just as you get up in the morning. Progressing through the day, the AC can be set up to cool down your house to 76 degrees until 6 PM. You can similarly set your preferences for the temperature of your choice for evenings and bedtime!

Let Your Air Conditioner Know Where You Are with Geofencing

Location-based controls operate the air conditioner based on your proximity to your home or any place where you have installed Cielo controllers. Through your Android smartphone, the controller knows how far you are from your air conditioner. If you step out of your home without turning your AC off, the controller will do that for you.

Similarly, you can command your AC to turn on automatically upon return when you are only 3 miles away. This allows you to save energy and have the best home temperature.

Everything in One Place with Smart Home Integration

Building a smart home and wish to turn on multiple appliances at once? You can easily integrate Cielo controllers with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Siri Shortcuts, and Samsung SmartThings. This allows you to control your air conditioner with voice commands and routines/skills.

Enjoy Savings by Reducing Energy Consumption

You can save up to 25% on your energy bills by using Cielo Breez smart AC controllers. These reductions in utility bills are achieved by using intelligent controllers to not waste electricity. You can achieve the perfect room climate by using minimal energy!

Thanks to in-built sensors, the controller knows when the temperature is getting too hot or too cold, and when the desired point is achieved, it adjusts the AC accordingly, thus saving energy.

Easy Access and Simple to Use

Cielo Breez controllers take less than two minutes to set up using your Android phone. You easily view important information using the Cielo Home app and even make zones to group multiple air conditioners together.

Cielo Home app’s main screen presents important information at a glance to the user. It shows the different air conditioners that are registered against the user account, their current status, and also different zones, which can be made throughout the home. By tapping on the specific AC you want to modify, you can enter a much more detailed menu from where you can change each and every setting as per your desire.

Enjoy Comfort and Convenience!

Making your air conditioner WiFi compatible will allow you to automate indoor temperature! Through Cielo Breez smart AC controllers, you can have not only have access to global controls but also numerous intelligent features to control your home climate! Make your air conditioner smart for energy savings and complete comfort.


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