Samsung has scheduled a “fan” event for September 23


It wasn’t too long ago that Samsung hosted an event that saw the company unveil the Galaxy Note 20 series and other devices, but it seems that the company has a new event in the works that they have scheduled for the 23rd of September.

According to the company, this new Unpacked event will be for “every fan”. This has led to speculation that this event will most likely result in Samsung announcing the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition which has actually been rumored about for a while now. For the most part, the Fan Edition will remain identical to the regular version in terms of hardware.

It is, however, expected to come with new color options, which seems to have been hinted at in the event invite. It has also been rumored to come with a slightly different camera setup, but otherwise, it should still continue to perform the same way as the regular Galaxy S20.

There have also been rumors to suggest that Samsung could be looking to make the Fan Edition cheaper than the regular Galaxy S20 handset to help drive sales. Companies like Apple have seen great success with their cheaper-priced iPhones, so perhaps that’s the kind of success that Samsung is hoping to emulate with the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition.

In any case, check back with us next week for the official details.

Source: Android Police

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