Jun 17th, 2020

Google has just released the Android 11 beta for Pixel devices. This is exciting news because it gives us a glimpse into what kind of new features Google is working on for the official Android 11 release which is scheduled for later in the year. Given that this is a beta, there is a chance that things could change upon the full public release.

Google has a history of including a handful of new features in its beta releases that don’t make the final cut. That being said, we’ve highlighted the biggest new features included in Android 11 beta which will hopefully be making their way to your Android phone in the near future. Let us know which new Android 11 feature you’re looking forward to the most.

A lot of apps send us notifications, and sometimes the notifications we want from certain apps might get lost in a sea of notifications, especially communication-based notifications such as those from messaging apps. In Android 11, Google has introduced a new Conversations section in the notifications shade.

This basically breaks up your notifications and separates notifications from messaging apps into their own section at the top. This means that it’ll be easier to see these conversations since they’ll be sitting at the top and you don’t have to wade through all your other notifications to get to them.