Jun 17th, 2020

Thanks to cloud storage services like iCloud and Google Drive, users have the option of backing up their chats from apps such as WhatsApp into the cloud. This means that syncing messages across devices, especially when you move from one device to another, tends to be quick and relatively painless.

There are times, however, when cloud storage services might not be so ideal, especially if your WhatsApp messages tend to be heavy on photos and videos and other media files, all of which can quickly add up and take up your valuable cloud storage space. If you are using one of Apple or Google’s free storage plans, then this could eat quickly into your data cap.

So how to transfer WhatsApp from Android to Android? This is where Wondeshare’s MobileTrans software comes in handy, where it allows users to quickly make backups of their WhatsApp messages and transfers them easily from one device to another.

All users need to do is connect their old device and new device to their computer, launch the MobileTrans software, and with a single-click, they’ll be able to port all their existing WhatsApp messages over. This covers not just messages, but photos, videos, documents, and other related data. Once that’s done, users just need to launch WhatsApp on their new device and they’ll be good to go!

The MobileTrans software isn’t just limited to WhatsApp either, and will also be able to work with the likes of WeChat, LINE, Kik, and Viber.

If this sounds like something you wouldn’t mind checking out, Wondershare is currently offering a 40% discount for our Phandroid readers where you’ll be able to pick it up for $17.97 after applying the SENMG2 discount code, so head on over to Wondershare’s website to purchase it.

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