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Unless you’re the type of person who changes to a new phone every year, most of us would love if our smartphones would be able to last us a couple of years, if not longer. In order to do so, we need to protect it from drops, scratches, and dents. If you just got your hands on one of the new Samsung Galaxy S20 variants, then these are some of the best cases we’ve found that will help keep your phone in tip-top condition.

Samsung Clear View Case

While first-party official cases can be expensive, there is at least a guarantee that it will fit perfectly with your phone. If you do prefer official accessories, then look no further as the Samsung Clear View Case for the Galaxy S20 could be of interest to you. It sports a folio-like design with a vertical window on the front, allowing you to take a peek at the time, battery levels, dates, and other notifications, all the while protecting your screen.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Leather Case

Not a fan of the folio design but want something simple but yet also official? Look no further as Samsung also has a rather simplistic leather case for the Galaxy S20. Given its slim profile, don’t expect much protection in terms of drops or shock absorption, but if you just want something clean and simple that will prevent the scratching of the back of your phone, this case gets the job done while looking fantastic.

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Samsung LED View Cover

Samsung’s LED covers aren’t new, and the latest model now supports the Galaxy S20. In a way it is similar to the Clear View case, except that it will use small LEDs in a dot matrix format to display the time on the front of the cover, as well as show you icons to let you know what notifications you have pending. The case also comes with a slot that you can use to keep a credit card in when you travel.

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Spigen Thin Fit

If you’re looking for a minimalist-looking case that will help protect the back and sides of your phone, Spigen’s Thin Fit is definitely worth taking a look at. Granted, it will not offer the most robust protection, but it should keep your phone safe from scratches. It features a raised lip that should prevent your screen from getting smashed if it falls face first, and it also offers cutouts for access to all ports and buttons.

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Spigen Rugged Armor

In case the case (pun intended) above is a bit too thin for your liking, not to worry because Spigen also has you covered with the Rugged Armor case for the Galaxy S20. The case features a carbon fiber design, a raised lip to protect the screen, an interior spider-web pattern, and also “Air Cushion” technology that will help with shock absorption.

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Spigen Liquid Air Armor

Spigen’s Liquid Air Armor is the perfect case for those who are clumsy. This is because the case has been designed to be grippy along its sides, meaning that it should be harder for the phone to slip out of your hands while you’re using it. It also sports a matte surface that will resist fingerprint smudges, and Spigen is also claiming that it offers military-grade protection.

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Ringke Fusion X

The problem with cases is that they tend to hide the design of the phone. This can feel a bit wasteful given how much time and money companies spend on refining the design of their phones. This is where the Ringke Fusion X case comes in, where it features a clear back that will allow some of the Galaxy S20’s design to peek through, while protecting it. The case also sports a bumper design that will make it easier to grip, as well as various holes that you can attach lanyards to.

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Caseology Parallax

Since cases can sometimes come across as being rather boring, Caseology’s Parallax will solve that problem with its bold design. It features a “3D” pattern on its back and according to the company, will also offer up enhanced ergonomics and a secure grip, with extra raised bezels to protect the screen. It will also play nicely with screen protectors and will be thin enough to be compatible with wireless chargers.

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Otterbox Defender Series

When it comes to rugged cases, Otterbox is probably a name that many of us are familiar with. The company is back with its latest case for the Galaxy S20 that comes with all the protective features that you might expect from the company. This includes multi-layer protections from the solid inner shell to the soft outer cover. It also comes with a belt clip holster that doubles as a kickstand.

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TORRAS Shockproof Case

One of the problems with cases designed to withstand shock and drops is that they tend to be pretty bulky. This is not a very good look but the good news is that if you want something that’s protective but also slim, then TORRAS’ shockproof case could be worth taking a look at. The company boasts military-grade drop protection, a slim profile, and also raised lips around the screen and the camera to protect it in the event of a drop.

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Urban Armor Gear Plasma

Similar to Otterbox, UAG is a name that many are undoubtedly familiar with when it comes to rugged smartphone cases. The Plasma series has been designed in those veins where it features a translucent back to allow some of the phone’s design to come through. There are also bumpers along the corners of the phone to help absorb shock when it drops, and a rear skid pad that will help protect it even further. Despite the bulky look, UAG claims it will still work with wireless charging as well as mobile payments scanning.

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FYY Case

Tablet covers typically can double up as kickstands to prop the tablet up while watching shows or playing games. If you are after something similar for your Galaxy S20, then FYY’s case could be the answer. This is a folio-like case with a front flap that helps protect your screen, but at the same time, it can also be adjusted in such a way to prop your phone up in landscape mode. There are also slots inside the case to keep your cards and money.

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