Aug 20th, 2019

Cloud gaming is all the rage right now. Cloud gaming is when the actual game processing is done on remote servers instead of on the device, meaning underpowered computers or even mobile devices can play AAA titles with high-end graphics on the go. Google is pushing for cloud-based gaming with Stadia while Microsoft is working hard on xCloud.

NVIDIA has its own cloud-based service that’s currently in beta called GeForce Now, and the company has announced that the service will soon come to Android. No other details were given, like when it launches or how it’ll work, but it’s still exciting to see more competition coming to the cloud gaming market.

GeForce Now is currently limited to 1080p60, unlike Stadia which claims to do 4K60 when it launches, but that should be plenty for a mobile device. You’ll, of course, need a Bluetooth gamepad like the SHIELD Controller or the Steelseries Stratus Duo.

We look forward to additional details about the service, though it’s safe to assume that the beta on Android will be free like it is for computers. With a need for fast, low latency internet connectivity, mobile may not be quite ready for cloud gaming. But with 5G coming soon, we may be looking at the dawn of real gaming on smartphones.

Source: NVIDIA

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