Aug 20th, 2019

It’s undeniable that Huawei makes some of the best smartphone cameras in the world. The DxOMark rankings are often topped by a Huawei product and feature a bunch of them, new and old.

However, one major downfall of every Huawei flagship, even the latest P30 Pro, is the lack of 4K 60 FPS video recording capability. This feature has been around on smartphones for years so it was always surprising to see a modern flagship forego it. But it wasn’t a camera problem, but a processor problem.

The otherwise powerful and capable Kirin 980 processor simply didn’t support 4K60 video recording, and no amount of camera sensors and software additions could fix this. Processors from Qualcomm and Samsung implemented 4K60 video long ago.

Thankfully, this limitation won’t be a problem on the upcoming hardware. Huawei has confirmed that the upcoming Kirin 990 processor will support 4K60 video recording. We’ll likely see the Kirin 990 launch in the Mate 30 Pro very soon.

With 60 FPS being such an important part of taking video and 4k being so ubiquitous, we wonder if we’re going to see higher resolutions or framerates soon. Nonetheless we’re glad to see Huawei offering this feature on its future smartphones. It’s about time.

Source: Neowin

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