Microsoft once again shows of Project xCloud running on mobile


Microsoft’s Project xCloud was unveiled last year as a way to stream your favorite Xbox games to your mobile device. Unlike Sony’s Remote Play, which uses your PS4 as the hardware, xCloud will render and stream your games from data centers, much like streaming music or movies from our favorite streaming services.

The company has published another video showing the tech off running on an Android phone hooked up to a regular Xbox One controller via Bluetooth (since the newer models now feature Bluetooth). In the video the CVP of Gaming Cloud at Microsoft Kareem Choudhry speaks about the various features of the service, like dropping your console and picking your phone up and starting from where you left off as well as the developers of games having to do nothing to get their games working with xCloud. He says this initiative is just another way Microsoft is expanding people’s access to content.

He does stress that this is not a replacement for consoles (and with a small display and the compression of streaming, it simply can’t be). It’s just another way to experience your favorite games on the go. Real world trials will begin this year so hopefully we can get our hands on the tech soon! This may be the first mainstream way to get away from “mobile gaming” into full fledged gaming on mobile. Check out the (overly scripted) video below.

Source: Xbox News

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