iFixit teardown reveals the fragile internals of the Galaxy Fold


All eyes are on Samsung following the recent recall and delay of the Galaxy Fold in response to the failures experienced with early review units. Samsung is yet to provide an official statement around why the units failed or what it plans to change to address the issues but a teardown by iFixit offers a glimpse at the internals.

The teardown shows that the Galaxy Fold is fragile and extremely hard to repair, but that was already obvious, right? The iFixit repairability score gave the Fold a dismal 2/10 rating, which for context pegs the Pixel 3 at 4/10. It also delves deeper into suggesting why the review units failed in the manner that they did, specifically highlighting the 7mm gap that allows the two halves to fold as a perfect entry point for foreign objects.

When closed, thescreenis protected—but thespineis flanked by massive gaps that our opening picks hop right into. These gaps are less likely to cause immediate screen damage, but will definitely attract dirt.

For your $2000, you’ll get six cameras, Samsung KLUFG8RHDA-B2D1 512 GB eUFS flash storage, Samsung K3UHAHA 12 GB RAM layered over Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, and two batteries – 2135mAh and 2245mAh.

The teardown revealed that actually there is a lot of wasted space and air gaps in the Galaxy Fold, which could have attributed to the early failures allowing foreign objects to cause damage. You can read the full teardown of the Galaxy Fold over at the iFixit website and see exactly how this engineering masterpiece is put together.

Source: iFixit

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