Samsung puts an indefinite hold on Galaxy Fold launch amid quality control questions


If you were one of the early uptakers of the Galaxy Fold then it seems that your wait may be longer to get your hands on the device than initially anticipated. Samsung has officially delayed the launch of the Galaxy Fold by at least a month, which on the surface would appear to have been contributed to by the issues uncovered by early reviewers that have been dominating the news recently.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was initially pegged for an April 26th launch, but the $2000 device was met with a few early teething concerns surrounding the screen failing after what appeared to be a screen protector was removed, which turned out to be a fundamental part of the display, and an early life hinge failure.

Samsung issued a statement confirming the purpose of the screen protector and reiterating the importance not to remove it, while also clarifying that it would be investigating the other failures. It didn’t look like Samsung seemed that concerned and left it at that. It seems, however, that after getting the units back, someone at Samsung changed their mind. The concern was enough to cause the company to put an indefinite hold on the launch of the device.

No official revised date has been announced with hints only suggesting the device will be delayed by a month. There is still a real possibility that the Fold will incur further delays while Samsung irons out whatever quality control issues it has discovered, going as far as to still not put out of the question a complete cancellation of the Fold altogether if those issues cannot be addressed.

Source: WSJ

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