Apr 24th, 2019 publishUpdated   Sep 11th, 2021, 9:25 am

The story of the Samsung Galaxy Fold isn’t quite over. After reports that units were failing left and right in the hands of tech journalists as they were prepping for their reviews, Samsung decided to scratch its launch plans for the Samsung Galaxy Fold which should have seen the phone show up in stores this Friday.

As things currently stand, Samsung has not shared when we should expect the Samsung Galaxy Fold to go on sale again.

Unfortunately for Samsung, it doesn’t look like the company issued a recall on all the review units that it handed out. As you might expect, we have another report of a failing Samsung Galaxy Fold — courtesy of Mr. Mobile. Based on his description of the issue, a small bump has appeared in the middle of the display, likely from a piece of debris which worked its way in from the hinge on the back of the phone. The display on the phone hasn’t failed yet, but Samsung will be collecting the device to examine it further.

With the Samsung Galaxy Fold’s display proving to be extremely susceptible to failure, we’re curious to see how the Huawei Mate X will hold up. Huawei’s phone fold the opposite way, leaving the flexible display exposed on the outside when it is folded. The hinge mechanism Huawei uses shouldn’t allow debris to enter from the back side which could make it more robust.

It’s honestly surprising that Samsung’s didn’t catch these issues sooner. Hopefully, the company is able to find an easy fix and get the phones into the hands of consumers. Going back to the drawing board at this stage could be catastrophic, not just for Samsung but other foldable display smartphone makers as well.

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