Apr 25th, 2019

Unless you’re in the world of fashion (or have a significant other who is), you may not have heard of Moschino. It’s an Italian luxury brand that specializes in leather accessories, and it’s ripe for a smartphone crossover.

The Honor 20 is launching on May 21 in London, and the company has teased a Moschino variant of the device with some almost leak-like blurry photos. This teaser tells us nothing about the Honor 20, but it does show off what looks to be a red striped version of the device.

The main selling point will be the included Moschino-designed purse and case included with the device. We don’t know whether it will also feature upgraded specs or if it’s just a special edition colorway, but this should be a tantalizing offer for the fashion forward. It’s no Supreme phone, but maybe that’s for the best.

We’ll get to see more of the device in just a month (barring any major leaks) but with how great the Honor 10 was, we’re looking forward to the announcement.

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